Olympus E-P2!

Update: BJP got the specs out:



  • 12 Megapixels
  • 3fps
  • stereo sound
  • AF tracking
  • 1.44 million dot electronic viewfinder with 100% field of view
  • 8 Art Filters (two more than the E-P1 ….. Diorama Filter and Cross Process)
  • i-Enhance function (color boost)
  • Price around 950 Euro
  • Availability in January

And the lenses (as mentioned earlier): Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 and Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm f/4.0-5.6:


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  • NikoDoby

    So this is what the EP1 should have been to begin with?

  • YoMan

    sooo still no flash? really? this is what we were waiting on? wow

    no updated lcd screen.
    no flash.

    BUT does have a huge view finder.
    Oh, a 2 more art filters. mmmmm

    and its only €850 which is..$1,262.83
    So double the price for a black e-p1 with a viewfinder? Am I correct on this?

    • catastrophile

      LOL, i love the sarcastic way you criticize the new cam, and you are right mostly except for the price in US$ might be a bit less than you calculated since prices across the Atlantic usually don’t follow exchange rates exactly (US prices a bit cheaper), i think i read 1100$ somewhere if i am not wrong.

      of all the specs oly ignored, i can’t understand their stinginess when it comes to in sticking to 230K screen when all the competition is 460 or 920K, shame on Oly here. the EVF which is the biggest new feature defeats the purpose of a camera whose main point is compactness. if they built a new model of the same form factor as G1/GH1 that would’ve been much better.

  • Raw

    No Video Specs yet? hopefully 720p (24fps, 30fps & 60fps)

    It would be a hit in the indie film making world if they had these specs!

  • when someone makes a built in EVF and IS then I will look into it. this is just a disappointment.

  • joytek

    truly disappointing … no higher res lcd, no flash, same old sensor (not even upgraded to the GH1 model) hopefully at least a faster performing AF …. What DID they “upgrade” to justify a NEW model (not just an EP-1n) … 2 extra filters … are you kidding me!!!
    I really want a “half-sized” camera to replace my bulky DSLR, but if they “advance” at this pace, then they might just catch up with my fossil 1D mkII in a year or so:-)


    • Sky

      “8 Art Filters (two more than the E-P1 ….. Diorama Filter and Cross Process)” – now THAT’s an INVENTION!

      Olympus didn’t do anything for this camera to deserve new number. They painted body black, added new accessories, raised price and now they think people gonna jump on their “brand new” camera.
      That’s just pathetic.

      Even Sony did more while upgrading Alpha 350 to Alpha 380.

  • Anonymous

    So… EP-3, next year, will continue to try and catch up with Panasonic GF-1? Olympus, go join your old friends, Kodak and Fuji. You just don’t get the new photo world order.

    • Sky

      Olympus EP3 – they’ll paint it pink and add option to put my photos into frames with flowers and candies.
      That will be truly innovative camera.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I will give them this. I like that large external viewfinder. I wonder if it locks in place.

  • Moda

    My goodness that is ugly and big. Forget it. They should have made the finder smaller by taking out that up and down movement, as nice as it might be to have that so you can take a picture from a different angle once in a while, you still have to carry it around all the time. Pain in the ass.

  • Anonymous

    Another miss. Its ok though, at this rate the EP-3 will be out in two months.

  • grumps

    EP-1.01 :p

    • grumps

      Honestly why did they even bother…. now normally I feel indifferent to some releases and usually excited, but this is surely the biggest let down. Where’s the new Epson R-D2

      • Eric

        I second that. An R-D2 or even better, a digital Zeiss Ikon ZM using that new Leica M9 sensor would make me forget m4/3’s even exists. I bought a Voigtlander Bessa after buying some M-Mount lenses for my E-P1 just to see how I’d like a true rangefinder…bad move. I liked it so much my E-P1 is now on eBay and I’m back to shooting film again. We need more digital rangefinders!

  • Jong

    the EP-2 just had a cosmetic and firmware upgrade BUT still no flash, no high resolution LCD. upgrades are un-photographic. built-in flash is important for fill-in as well as for people shots in the night. because there is no optical viewfinder on the body, a hi-res LCD is a must for viewing what to photograph. samsung has a p&s cam that has more than 1M pixel LCD! the add-on accessories doesn’t make the EPs 1&2 compact in form anymore. if i’m getting a M43 today, it would still be the panasonic GF-1 and its 20mm 1.7 lens!

    • Eric

      I admit a hires LCD would be nice, but you should really try out the E-P1 before bashing the LCD. Unlike some hires LCD’s I’ve seen on DSLR’s the E-P1 has a coating on it that makes it very easy to see in most situations. I’ve had no problems composing with it period.

      As far as flash, who gives a crap. If you want to use direct flash for night shots I can almost guarantee the photo won’t be worth looking at. Buy a $100 P&S for that junk. For night shots use a fast lens = built in shake reduction + ISO1600. Even try out the gritty B&W art filter. You may get some shots reminiscent of Neopan 1600 B&W film.

      That brings me to my complaint…what’s with the slow consumer zooms? Between Panasonic and Olympus we now have every boring f/4-5.6 lens in duplicate. I think the P&S crowd is covered fellas. How about making some lenses for actually photographers now. Is one fast zoom and a few f/1.4 pancakes too much to ask?

  • joytek

    come to think of it … isn’t it bizarre that their flagship E-3 has not been updated in any way yet …. like E-3n or something, while the newest addition to their line-up gets another version so soon? … and all those duplicate, slow, lenses …. what the heck are they thinking? … they have a great idea (small but high IQ cams) but go about messing it up …. I agree that we need some fast primes and a fast zoom.

    I hope that fuji, or ricoh will come out with superior products for reduced frame shooters …. one can only hope.

    • it is not like they care really.
      consumer photo market was for many years nikon + canon and everything else just overpriced junk for those who believe that 200Eur in saving on body purchase is cool to join some non N-C world.

  • soap

    800×600 electronic viewfinder sounds dense as heck. Where does this fall in the spectrum of current electronic viewfinders?

    * (800x600x3(“dots” per pixel) = 1.44 million)

  • le_petit_prince

    I don’t mean bash best/best-lookin m4/3 machine but this blk model is just a bad case of blk Leica. There were better lookin’ OM and old film camera that look awesome in both color.
    New I really prefer the faux leather wrapped e-p1.

    Back to comment on the new rumors! I was hoping for upgraded video capabilities but no details huh!? hopefully, it’ll have an unlimited full HD recording.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a new model. It is simply a bugfix of the EP-1.
    Finally it is black and it has at least an external EVF.
    Maybe the EP3 or 4 willl have an internal EVF + flash, but on the short track I’ll wait for the Ricoh announcement.
    I’ve been waiting for some years for a small camera with the IQ of a DSLR, so it’s no problem to wait another year. My D300 will do the job until then for sure.

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