New Pentax D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR lens?

This picture is from, no other information is currently available:


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  • Etienne

    A full new full frame lens?? Is pentax finally in the race for a full frame dslr?

  • canapé

    D-FA with no aperture ring?

  • Eric

    I believe it when it’s official, but man, I hope this is true. That is a really sweet looking lens design. The cynic in me says it’s just a photo shopped DA35 f/2.8 Limited. However, I’m going to go the optimistic route and choose to believe this is just the first of many full frame Pentax FA Lenses (sans aperture ring) followed by a a Pentax 35mm camera. Hey, I can dream…

  • Water Restraint.
    the 10-17 fish had the newly (at the time) formulated WP or “Water Proof” coating
    WR is just a rename or a better version.

    Why does every one want 35mm any way and don’t say high ISO bc at some point smaller sensor will give that kind of high ISO ability (well when heat becomes a problem once again that is) dont bother to respond i relay dont what to here how much better 35mm is but digital 645 has its limitations.

    • Sky

      cause the high-iso race is boring. We want more details on low iso photos, and lower-than-100 ISO settings, rather than iso 999999.

    • Mike

      Because filling the frame of a full frame field of view with a 2.8 aperture has a different (superior?) look to filling the frame with a crop sensor at the same aperture. Full frame gives better subject isolation than crop frame because you can get closer to your subject therby throwing the background more out of focus.

      • Its the distance to your subject or lens mm that needs to change to provide the smaller DOF you speak of. But as i said I dont want to get in to this bc I find the argument over blown and ridicules over such a small change in format size and when a lot of the argument comes from zoom 3.5-5.6 or 2.8 owners not canon f1.2 primes or even nikon 1.4/1.8 prime owners.

        WR=Water Restraint – can we keep to the scope of the topic. I only brought it up bc some of the guess above were just strange dreams for larger format, ever thought Pentax has with out question the best prime line up at the moment.

    • Alex S.

      No, WR means Weather Resistant, it means the lens is sealed against weather – it’s definitely not a coating.
      Pentax used this designation for it’s newest, weather sealed kit lenses – so we know what it means. Until then, the only weather sealed lenses were the DA*s.

      • ahh my fault (can you tell i dont shot pentax).
        ok fine you can hope for 35mm even if its not coming from Pentax soon if ever.

  • Only picture but no actual information?

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