Sony a700 is now a “previous model”

Pressure buildup continues: Sony UK updated their Sony a700 description - it now has the label "previous model":


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  • Now, bring on the A700 replacement!

    There is a huge gap in pricing between the A550 and A850. I could see a nice replacement coming in a 14mp APS-C camera with MagAlloy body, 98% viewfinder, 5FPS capture, intelligent preview mode and 3″ 921k display. Price it at $1,300 or so and I would happily own one.

  • Catastrophile

    hey Peter, this A700 news item and the Sigma 17-70 one are both very interesting and true or highly believable in the same time, bring back the voting button and we will be voting positively on news like these.

    • if I put the voting back, do you all promise to vote? If I see 10 votes per post, I will take it away again 🙂 Deal?

  • dyna

    And we keep on truckin’ right on into CES… lol

    I would love to see an announcement that early but I still have to think it won’t be out until at least May…

  • I am waiting for A700 since August (IFA), when I sold my A700.
    After two years A700 on market I expected any replacemnt. No, no any.

    It is like if anybody can imagine VW discontinue Golf and say buy Polo or Passat……… Can´t beleive Sony wants to be number one on dslr market.

  • Sky

    A700 was taken down from Nederland and Polish Sony website too. I guess we’ll see A750 (or however it’d be called) on January, or something close.

  • Loko


    Sony thinks in long term development… and I love it !

    Soooooo next century ! Very ecological in fact and cost savings ! look at the many useless competitor bodies …

    I love this way of thinking, all should to the same with all consumer needs…

    I was so proud to jump from A100 to A700, my A700 has let me earn so much money and continues to do so… My IQ is constantly better…

    now, as a patient photographer, I’ll wait for the A900 replacement but I’m very excited to see how video features on the next A750 will be implemented.

    If it’s a killer on ergonomics and video AF, I’ll perhaps jump on it… if not I’ll see later.

    Look at the 5dM2, it’s a pro body with good IQ, but with unbalanced functionalities … ergonomics are not ok, and video quite not usable… quite poor AF.

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