Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 water resistant cover review (exclusive)

The ThinkTank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 water resistant cover has been in development for over two years. It comes with two versions: one for shooting with flash (with a special pocket for the flash unit) and the other is the "normal" version which will be covered in this post. The fabric used on the Hydrophobia is ten times as water resistant as normal fabric. Instead of a "spray" coating, a "film" is applied to the underside of the fabric as well as tricot mesh to protect it, making it a far more impenetrable three-layer fabric. In addition a waterproof tape is applied to all seams, providing an even more water resistant barrier.

Here is our exclusive Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 water resistant cover specs and features:

The zipper opens at the bottom for easier camera insertion (Nikon D300s and 70-200 VRII fit in nicely):

The zipper is waterproof:


Internal strap fastens the lens to the cover and to the external strap that eliminates the need for removal of camera strap attached to DSLR:


The external camera strap is combined with a internal strap (pictured above) that buckles under the lens and allows the camera to be carried by the rain cover:


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Clear back window to view LCD and controls and an eyepiece flap shields viewfinder from rain or dust when not in use (the clear back window is big enough for Nikon D3s or Canon EOS-1D Mark IV):


Eyepiece pocket (eyepiece sold separately - the bag is functional without it, just make sure you close the cover when not in use):


Lens hood cover protects front of lens as needed:


Two pockets - one for the rain cover and another one for memory card/battery:


Over-sized and adjustable right and left hand sleeves (pictured from the bottom):


Mesh bag included for transportation and storage:


Few readers asked me if another lens will fit inside this water cover. The short and unofficial answer is yes. For example the new Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VRII will definitely fit inside - it's 10.5 inches in length and I measured 16 inches from the eyepiece edge to the front (lens+hood+DSLR-mount should fit in 16 inches):


This is how the Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 water resistant cover looks with the Nikon D300s + Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 combo - definitely usable:


The only problem I saw when using a wide angle lens is with the internal lens strap - if the zoom/focus ring is too close to the mount, there may not be enough space for the strap to go around:


For larger lenses Think Tank Photo also offers the Hydrophobia 300 - 600 water resistant cover.

The rest of the specs:

  • Dimensions: 17.5" x 5.5" diam. (44.5 x 14 cm)
  • Weight (raincover only): 12.8 oz (363 g)
  • Availability: end of January, 2010
  • Price Hydrophobia 70-200: $139.00
  • Price Hydrophobia 70-200 Flash: $145.00

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Think Tank Photo also still has the free bag special for orders of $50 or more directly from their website (this protective cover will qualify you for a free bag, the free bag selection will appear during the checkout process).

Fine print & full disclosure: I did not get paid from Think Tank Photo or any other party to write this post. I received a free, pre-production version of this product and reported the details exclusively here on Think Tank Photo is an affiliate sponsor of

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  • Kevin Y

    hmm this looks very tempting. very versatile, though a bummer that it is a bit short for the tokina with the zoom so close, but i think it’s still quite useable if you use bits of your fingers to zoom. quite useable indeed. thanks for the review!

  • AZ

    Way to expensive, if it will cost half it’s price than maybe, but for sure it’s not worth it’s price tag.

    • sjms

      i’ve been using the hydrophobia 300-600 for the past almost 3 years now. unlike your comment it is well worth its price and i have no doubt this one will be too as soon as the minor details or tweaked.

    • Eric

      You’re kidding right? How much did that lens and body cost? How much does Nikon charge to just clean a lens like this? Let alone the camera. How about fixing water damage?

      Seriously, if you don’t go out in the rain, it’s overpriced.

      • of course it is overpriced, but if you are pro, in rainy region or just dont use rented stuff you just once pay it and have it forever. also keep in mind that they dont sell thousands a day and such speciality things costs a lot.
        i would not self made it cheaper

  • GlobalGuy

    This is great.

  • Any idea when it will be available?

  • Thanks… I’d pre-order but it’s not on the TT site yet.

  • bionictulip

    Not visible for purchase yet on ThinkTank’s web site. Any idea about the release date or (if released) when their web site will offer it for sale?

  • brent

    its disappointing that they didn’t design it like the 300-600 hydrophobia where you can roll up the sleeve out of the way when its not raining and be able to pull it over when it does start raining. this one, it looks like you have to put it on when it starts raining like how the aquatech is… or is it? can it be put on and rolled out of the way?

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