The rest of CES: Casio EX-10HG with built-in GPS

This is a concept camera and was not part of the official announcements @ CES - the Casio EX-10HG has a built-in hybrid GPS system:

This built-in GPS may set a new trend in the world of point and shoot cameras.

Read the full report @ PhotographyBay.

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  • Anonymous

    Very cool. Looks like Casio is showing what is in our future. Bravo, Casio. Imagine 5 years later!

  • Brandon

    I was only mildly interested in GPS tagging, but this looks like it could be a pretty awesome feature… especially if users could somehow share photo locations… like with an internet connection…

    Yeah then again just put this whole concept on your cellphone and let the camera connect to it for geo-tagging.

  • Michal

    “This built-in GPS may set a new trend in the world of portable cameras.”

    *Portable* cameras? As opposed to the thriving market of the stationery cameras?

    • those that you put in your pocket 🙂 fair enough, I will change the text

      • Michal

        Makes more sense now 🙂

  • dyna

    Sony’s HX5V may not have the mapping license but it does full GPS and Compass tagging as well, in a far nicer camera with a far better feature mix…. though it is granted not as small as the Casio.

    Also Sony’s V series Camcorders have been offering full GPS and mapping since Summer last year.

  • Legsvan

    Hello guys, Did you see Casio EX-FH100? Anybody knows if EX-FH100 can zoom during videos?

    Thanks a lot.

  • want one

    i wish it was based on the EX-G1 so it could replace my garmin hand held

  • Chris

    Hey admin, didn’t you post it at NikonRumors a while back saying Nikon patented something like this?

    Just curious, would Casio be paying royalties or something… but I’m more interested if there’s a similar coolpix coming out soon…

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