Panasonic Lumix rumors

Panasonic Singapore's website ( had this banner for a new site launch which will probably correspond to a new Panasonic Lumix camera being release at the same time (in 15 days, which means February 1st). The text under the "Register now" button was “Be one of the 1st to see our new range of camera products”.

At the same time Panasonic Lumix G1 camera has been labeled as "discontinued":

How about those lenses? Here is the Panasonic MicroFourthThirds lens roadmap - three lenses are scheduled for 2010:

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  • Anonymous

    Sweet lenses! I can’t wait. I’m so glad Panasonic is being aggressive at pushing the envelope on this new market. If they didn’t, who would? Are we seeing Panasonic doing to the old guard what Nikon did to Leica and what Leica did to Zeiss before? Time will tell. Go Panasonic! But don’t be complacent, push the envelope harder!

  • dyna

    agreed. with everyone, it seems, going mirrorless this year (Sony and Canon rumored… Sony’s pretty much a given), someone’s going to have to be the aggressor. It is good to see that Panasonic realizes this. Hopefully their second generation will break some new ground.

  • Michal

    “Hopefully their second generation will break some new ground.”

    Well, that’s the problem. So far none of the mirror-less cameras was in no way revolutionary, Hope that when Canon, Sony and Nikon decide to enter the race at least one of those companies will create a “killer ap”, something that really breaks some new ground.

  • Anonymous

    Well, we can pretty much rule out Canon. Canon never does anything revolutionary. They will give you the same ol’ same ol’. Nikon is better but not much better than Canon. Sony shows signs of wanting to shake things up, but then they give us small portions of excitement. Speaking as a former Canon user and current Nikon, I’m betting Panasonic is more likely to introduce the killer EVIL cam. Given what they gave us in the GH1 and GF1, they mean business and gunning for the old guard.

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