Rings of fire (k-mount adapter for Samsung NX10)

The previously rumored K-mount adapter for Samsung NX10 already surfaced online (source: PentaxForum):

This adapter is expected not to support AF.

And if you are wondering whether Leica lenses could be mounted on the Samsung NX10 with an adapter, the answer from petavoxel is no:

"The quoted flange distance of the new NX mount is 25.5mm. The Leica M bayonet is 27.8mm. That sounds like good news, right? A whole 2.3mm to spare? Unfortunately, No. The tabs of the M bayonet extend behindthe flange by almost 7mm, and are 43.5mm in diameter. Thus they would collide with the inner throat of the NX mount. Doesn’t look like an M-mount adapter is going to happen. (Or, not one that can focus at infinity, anyway)."

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  • mochapaulo

    It is pathetic…Samsung should lose a big potential market as everyone waiting for a economic solution for using Leica M lens although 1.5X crop factor is the thing to tolerance. Now, it shows not much advantage as the optic system still not small enough comparing with the general DSLR.

    Although Leica M is not a must to be considered in the stage of design, Samsung should be smart enough to see that how M4/3 is getting popular as the usage of the antique and old lens are kind of value added for the users.

  • Adam Maas

    Well, the M mount issue is a HUGE loss for Samsung as many of the serious Micro-4/3rds users will be strongly recommending that people avoid it. M mount support has been a major marketing win for m43 and is one of the primary drivers behind word-of-mouth advertising for the m43 cameras. I know it’s always one of the first questions asked when a photographer sees my G1.

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