Ricoh CX3

In the next 2-3 weeks Ricoh is expected to announce their new CX3 model.

The Ricox CX3 camera will be the replacement of the Ricoh CX2 and it will add HD video capabilities. The price of the CX3 is expected to be around 350€.

This is a picture of the current Ricoh CX2 mode - the new model should look very similar:

Ricoh CX2

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  • loickeri

    bullshit video

  • Tom Caldwell

    Mess up a great little camera by trying to make it a video camera? Hope the CX3 is a bit more exciting than just HD Video – otherwise a nice cheaper CX2 would be great.

    Death of the GX model leaves room for the CX3 to close the gap a bit.

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