First Fuji HS10 picture

This is the Fuji HS10 - for more details and specs see previous post.

Click here to get more info on the remaining Fuji cameras that will be released on February 2nd, 2010 for PMA.

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  • Carlos

    Any chance that it has RAW? What would the “HS” stands for? thanks…

  • Lorenzo

    HS = handsome 😀
    Jokes apart, it better had very good sensor IQ, otherwise this incredible 30x will be useless. It will probably be bigger than m43 and mirrorless cameras, and it will not have the wide-angle possibilities of those. The only selling point would be the long excursion, which, otoh, can be very well be obtained with any mirrorless (e.g. the next pana 100-300 comes close). So: shall I buy such a relatively big camera, if the IQ of the sensor does not exceed the IQ of all other compacts around? ‘fcourse not!

  • Nikron

    “Picture” is a little misleading, try “computer generated illustration” in the title.

  • Constantine

    If the real focal length of that camera is 4.2mm (written on the lens) and that is equivalent to 24mm in 35mm format, it means the sensor is a 1/2.4″ one (compare it to Sony’s WX1 that also starts at a 24mm equivalent and the real focal length is 4.2mm).

    So a 30x camera with a tiny sensor, there are already competitors from Nikon, Pentax and Olympus, so not such a big deal after all…

  • saris

    30x superzoom with a tiny sensor – -” no doubt about the image quality
    enough already please gimme S 6 pro!

    • Sky

      Yea… agreed :/ It won’t be anything good. Zoom begins to be the same thing as MPx was before they discovered that it cannot go up forever (ops… Canon can’t figure it out even today).

  • Grumpy

    Last year i was photographing an owl in my backyard. Had pulled out the DSLR, 300mm and 1.4x on a tripod. Along comes my BIL with his superzoom, takes a shot and shows me an image that would be good enough to make me wonder why am i going through so much trouble.

    • Lorenzo

      If so it is, why bother with a 300mm superlens, which is OBVIOUSLY heavy and difficoult to use? Why not a zoom such as a 70-300, good for many things and certainly better than the superzoom of a compact? Or, even better, a 18-200? Only very committed photographers would use such a lens for a quick shot. And very few of them would complain about the hassle of using such an expensive and dedicated piece of equipment. Now, tell us, you just invented the whole owl story, didn’t you?

      • Grumpy


        Ehh, no i didn’t make it up. What i’m trying to say is, do you think it is worth having expensive and heavy gear, when a superzoom can take a good enough shot for most other people. And this comes from a photographer who has his picure on the frontcover of a book. And no, i did not make that up.

        • Lorenzo

          Ok, I accept you did not make it up.
          However I must insist. “good enough shot for most other people” does not describe what I am looking into a camera. And any photographer with some ambition is not going to think that a megahypersuperzoom, even if optically good (which is questionable), can compensate for the tiny sensor’s lack of performance. It all depends on what you want from your pics, and how much creative you like to be when shoting them. And I am not the kind of person who would buy the 300/1.4 (lack of money, but also I am basically a zoom user, bar the macro lenses).
          OTOH, with the new mirrorless cameras, these big bridge cameras will look bigger, and their lack of good IQ will be more noticiable even for compact camera users. AND in this perspective 24mm equivalence at the short range starts to be not enough (if you can stich a 7-14 on an Oly Ep1…)
          I know many compact camera users who are wondering if the could “jump” into the m43 world…

  • The picture of the Fuji HS10 shows the nicely digitally reconstructed Canon SX1-body and some other parts. But if the 4.2 mm – 126 mm zoomlens shown in the picture is 24-720 equiv 35mm the crop factor is 5.7. That means that the sensor is about 1/2.33″. So why should I leave my Fuji s8000fd then wich has the same sensor ?
    But apart from that there’s no need to say that the succes of the Fuji s200exr has to be continued with a HANDZOOMED superzoom of let’s say 24-480 (35mm equiv) with a slightly smaller lens as the s200, if possible a lightly bigger sensor than the 1/1.6″ and a 3″ tilt-LCD and beside RAW of course HD-video.
    We would be very happy, wouldn’t we? On that moment I quit my s8000 immediately.

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