Fuji HS10 will steal the show (PMA) with its CMOS sensor

The previously rumored Fuji Micro s10EXR will actually be the already mentioned Fuji HS10 model.

I think this will be the most exciting product at PMA this year. We are talking about CMOS, back-illuminated sensor here folks! No m4/3 mount as I mention already.

Some more Fuji HS10 details:

  • 10MP sensor
  • Dual image stabilization
  • 3" tilt LCD
  • 30x wide angle zoom: 24-720mm
  • 1080p HD video with stereo sound
  • 10fps shooting
  • Panorama mode
  • Very low price! (I don't know how much is it going to be)

I really think this camera will be great based on those specs. What do you guys think?

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  • NikoDoby

    How big is this thing? I’ll wait to see what the actual image quality looks like.

    • it will be probably big because of the CMOS sensor and zoom, but what I am really excited about is that CMOS is coming to p&s cameras! Good for Fuji!

      • NikoDoby

        Sony already has a few CMOS point & shoot cameras. Image quality isn’t as drastically improved as you’d think :^(

        In fact this is probably the “same” sensor found in the Sony TX1 and WX1 cameras?

      • Mutaka

        This is nothing to write home about. The 10 MP sony cmos and a third party body. They made lots of this You can not say if it’s Fuji, Pentax or Nikon – the whole s8x00 line. Just plain crap. The sensor from Sony is just ok on high iso \considering the 1/2.5″ size\ but is below average on minimum iso.
        Just hope that hey’ll deliver a m4/3

  • Anonymous

    No S6?

    • edch

      Yeah, I looking forward to S6pro too.

    • no, sorry

  • dude

    24-720mm? is this a joke?

    • There is no way for me to check if this is a typo or not. I geuss we have to wait and see.

  • Michal

    “What do you guys think?”

    Tiny sensor and insanely big zoom – two things that count against any camera.

  • twmangrove

    That zoom has to be a joke. Or a typo. Mind you, 7 is a ways away from the 1.

    • Zograf

      I would second that, I hope, if HS10 is real, it is 120 and not 720. Also, it could be again the popular super zoom 24-420

  • Anonymous

    Interesting rumor. I enjoyed my Minolta A1 with a 28-200mm lens very much as a walk-a-round camera. If the shutterlag is not too bad, this could be a good replacement.

  • Fabianfred

    I love my Fuji S100fs….and wish for an even longer zoom range…so the 24 – 720 would be nice…… Just lets hope the new sensor is as good or better than the S200EXR one….and HD video is a must nowadays. Love my tilt screen too and it was a pity they left it off the S200EXR.

    • At least somebody agrees with me 🙂

  • NoXiN

    wondering if the 720 includes a 10x digital zoom or something like that…

  • Carlos

    So this means no m43 for now or ever?…If IQ is anything like the Sonys theres norhing to be excited about it…..

  • a camera with a 24-720 is to be the most exciting news at PMA ?
    are you serious ? You must have got some ads by Fuji to dare write something like that
    probably another tiny sensor compact. You got the palm of the most outrageous statement of the week :((

    • This is just my opinion. I haven’t seen anything else that will make me want to buy one. Well, maybe the new Hasselblad, but this news came after I wrote the Fuji post. I would like to know what do you find interesting from the rumored announcements so far.

      • Carlos

        Its just that “will steal the show” is a little exagerating, dont you think?…the sony cmos back sensor…really suck at low isos….

        • Actually my mistake is that I gave an opinion – this blog is not about what I think, so your comments are right and another lesson is learned (I know I have done this in the past already). There are many websites out there full of opinions, here I should be reporting rumors and nothing more.

      • well, first thank you for the quick and straight reply. I guess that on a website dedicated to photo gear , it seems difficult to get excited over another compact with a tiny ( 1/2.5 or smaller ) sensor . the fact that Fuji use a different type of sensor is probably noteworthy but nothing else. And to answer your question, I have not heard any interesting rumor so far ( at least none that I think directly PMA related)
        Truth be told , I think a PMA show is always less interesting during a Photokina year.

    • no, I don’t have Fuji ads (I wish)

  • no name

    its not a typo and it is what it is-enjoy it


    WOW!! Blow my mind..
    Fuji da Best, ill buy Fuji again and again..Best image quality i ever had..

  • Edwin Walker

    A 30X zoom? Typically, super long zooms are a disaster, huge distortion, CA, and they have a tiny aperture when zoomed out, and usually will not autofocus in any but the brightest light.

    Contrary to what some believe, CMOS is not better than CCD’s, its cheaper to make. It is noiser which is why we don’t see it on cameras with the tiny sensors. The backlit sensor may help the noise, but it will not be a miracle.

  • zoomer

    Well actually superzooms are not a disaster, far from it …… panasonics fz35/38 with 18x zoom and canons sx20is with 20x zoom are both excellent cameras with really good high quality lenses …. they do not have huge distortion and they do focus ok … better than some of the cheap and grossly overpriced crap dslr lenses out there in fact. Image quality on these cameras is fine unless your looking at full size shots on a screen …. if you print them you wont see any noise so whats the problem.
    I wish people would just enjoy there cameras …. and theres an awfull lot to enjoy in a superzoom …… they are great fun at an affordable price as long as you aint an ultra fussy pixel peeper.

  • zoomer

    Go to flickr and have a look at the panasonic fz38 pictures on there …. they aint bad at all.

  • zoomer

    I have looked at the specs again on this fuji and they are really good …. very exciting ….. I will wait for some reviews first and if the image quality is up to panasonics fz38 and the lens is ok I am getting one …. ( its got a 1000 fps video mode for gods sake!!!! … super slo mo here we come lol ) …. just think of the FUN

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