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Is this a new Fuji camera? Fuji Micro-S10EXR? *busted*

Update: it seems that the camera shown on the picture is a Fujifilm FinePix HS10 with a removed lens: Is this the rumored m4/3 EVIL camera from Fuji? Picture taken from DChome forum – the Google translation is not very clear, if someone has a better one, please post in the comments. There is also a […]

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Fuji announcement on February 2nd, no Micro Four Thirds camera

The leaked FujiFilm cameras will be announced on February 2nd, 2010. The previously reported rumors (see here and here) about a new Micro Four Thirds camera from Fuji at PMA is now busted.

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What will Fuji do?

There were several reports on Fuji joining the m4/3 gang at PMA 2010 (see here and here). At that point I still do not have any confirmation on those rumors, but I am sure Fuji will announce new digital (and maybe film) cameras in the next 2-3 weeks. Expect the emphasis to be on their EXR […]

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Fuji Micro-S10EXR (MS10)

This is the first fake image of the rumored m43 Fuji Micro-S10EXR (MS10):

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Fuji’s upcoming Micro Four Thirds camera

Remember folks, at this time this is just a rumor: Fujifilm is moving to M4/3rds with a new body that will have an EXR sensor inside. The official announcement about Fuji’s joining to the M4/3 system will be made a few weeks before the camera announcement itself next PMA season (Jan/Feb 2010). The new camera […]

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