Is this a new Fuji camera? Fuji Micro-S10EXR? *busted*

Update: it seems that the camera shown on the picture is a Fujifilm FinePix HS10 with a removed lens:

Is this the rumored m4/3 EVIL camera from Fuji?

Picture taken from DChome forum - the Google translation is not very clear, if someone has a better one, please post in the comments. There is also a list of specs in the thread (after the break):

Brand Fujitsu Model Fuji Micro-S10EXR
Optical zoom lens can replace the LCD screen size 3.5 and above (inches)
Fuji Micro-S10EXR maximum resolution

Basic parameters
Nickname MS10 Digital Camera
Digital Camera Type SLR (4 / 3 system)
12 million effective pixels
The maximum number of 12 million pixels
The highest-resolution 4000 × 3000
Sensor Type CCD
Fuji super CCD EXR sensor description
Focus mode AF (regional, multi, center), continuous AF, manual (including a key AF mode)

Camera Flash Built-in (pop-up)
Flash mode Red-Eye Off: Auto, Red-eye reduction, forced flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Sync, Red-eye Reduction + Slow Sync

Red-Eye opening: Auto, Red-eye reduction, forced flash, slow sync, Red-eye Reduction + Slow Sync

Shutter type electronic shutter with mechanical shutter

Exposure Control
Exposure mode program AE, aperture priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual
Exposure Compensation ± 2.0 EV in each grade 1/3EV adjustable
Exposure Metering TTL256 District Metering
Scene Modes Mode dial: Auto, EXR, FSB, SP, C1, C2, P, A, S, M, Movie
SP: Natural Light, Natural light flash, enhanced low-light shooting, and strengthen the main focus, party, text, flowers, macro, portrait, beautiful skin, night, sunset, snow, beach, sports, landscape, fireworks, night scene (tripod)
Sensitivity range of automatic,
ISO100, ISO200, ISO400, ISO800, ISO1600, ISO3200, ISO6400, ISO12800
White Balance Automatic, Manual, Preset
Preset White Balance Automatic scene, sunny, cloudy, fluorescent light (daylight, warm white, cool white), incandescent lamp, diving, custom

Shooting performance
Self-timer function support, 10 seconds / 2 seconds
SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilization view Tripod Price
Face Recognition Face
Support anti-red-eye red-eye reduction flash mode
Video capture 640 × 480, 30FPS
320 × 240, 30FPS
Video output support for video output (NTSC / PAL)
Menu language Simplified Chinese / English and other languages

Framing and display
LCD Type TFT LCD display
Screen, screen rotation function
Viewfinder Type Electronic Viewfinder

Storage Format
Memory Card Type SD / SDHC memory cards offer card view
Built-in / random memory card capacity 45.0MB See offer digital companion
JPEG photo format
Video format AVI (Motion JPEG)
WAVE audio input

Other features
Other characteristics of a new generation of high-resolution EXR processor and excellent optical performance, allowing you to enjoy the high level of imaging performance.
Supplied Accessories CD-ROM
Lithium Battery
USB cable A / V cable
Battery Charger
Strap, lens cap, lens cap fixed hasp
User's manual
With software drivers, image editing software
Connection type high-speed USB 2.0, A / V output
Compatible operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X
Power lithium battery charger quote View
Color Black
Print support PictBridge printing protocol
Standard screw tripod screw (1 / 4 inch, ISO 1222)

Environmental parameters
Operating temperature 0-40 ℃
Humidity 10-80%
Storage temperature -20-60 ℃
Storage humidity <90%

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  • MK

    w…. t…. f ?!

    since when was fuji part of 4/3?

    • napalm
    • from the begining i think. When 4/rds came out fuji was one of the supporting companies listed alongside Sigma, Panasonic, Kodak and Olympus……. I just cant find a pdf or something from that time to prove it at the moment. So I could be wrong.

      • was out replied by a better websearcher…

      • Catastrophile

        in the beginning there was 4/3rds and then god didn’t like it so he moved on to m4/3rds.

    • Carlos R B

      Since the beggining….but some are saying this is a HS10 picture with the lens assembly removed….

  • mambastik

    Wow Fuji with m4/3 super CCD EXR could be very powerful. But like most of their bridge cameras, does only VGA video recording.

  • Carlos R B

    Fake…HS-10…unfortunatelly…it would be awesome if true…

  • Napalm

    Agree looks fake:

    -lens mount has no thread
    -mount should be hollow to fit the 4/3 sensor. the pic looks it only has a tiny sensor

  • stepper

    That mount looks very fake – especially with the lens conveniently blocking it.

  • Newsed1

    Personally, I think this is a designer’s block model. The accuracy of the body is just too good to be a fake and it couldn’t be a photoshop creation.

    This looks like a very accurate mock-up and a mock-up lens. The lens just push-fits into place so people can get an idea of how the real camera will handle.

    Remember the block model preview of the Oly E-3 that was put on display at a public show?
    Block model lenses have also been seen from Panasonic.

    • Carlos R B

      The body is the same as the HS-10 and the lens also…the fujinon writing and the 58mm writing are also the same as the HS-10..even the lens silver rings are the same…please…

  • do other m4/3rds have that big of a flash? Do they actually need that much room for it?

  • Newsed1


    I think the flash is designed to clear longish lenses….

  • Eric

    Thats the cheap and horrible Fuji HS10. I just sold one today to a customer. They just chopped off the horrible ghastly 30X zoom lens.

  • Anna Seed

    Admin: As of 2nd Sept, nikonrumors still doesn’t work. You get a blank home page with all the ads on the right. When you use it works but crashes Firefox after a few minutes when you click on a news story. (Mac OS X 10.4.11)

  • totalreader

    Hope it’s fake. w.t.f. 4/3?
    new Fuji:
    if size >= APS-C then
    great success

  • totalreader

    Hope it’s fake. w.t.f. 4/3?
    new Fuji:
    if size >= APS-C then
    great success
    end if


    • ron

      Good programming
      i like your IF loop

      i like APSC or bigger too

  • zen

    its an hs-10 with the lens assembly removed that was sitting on a desk in a repair station and someone took a picture of it with a cel phone, and THATS ALL IT IS, it is not a M 4/3 camera-get real people-

  • Naaruk

    This Camera in this photo is HS-10 and break 30x zoom lens from body. If you not sure, I have photo for rumors

  • Naaruk
  • Igorek7

    Both the “photo” and the “specifications” appear fake, combined from the disassembled HS10 and <=200EXR parameters. One would expect one of the S300EXR features in the next generation camera, such as addition of the Phase detection AF, and better video modes. It's sad though that Fuji is silent about M4/3 🙁

    • Eric

      fuji is silent about everything, hopefully a Fuji S7 for photokina, 12 – 16 megapixels and the amazing DR and skin tones of the older fuji dslrs.

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