Fuji’s upcoming Micro Four Thirds camera



Remember folks, at this time this is just a rumor:

Fujifilm is moving to M4/3rds with a new body that will have an EXR sensor inside. The official announcement about Fuji's joining to the M4/3 system will be made a few weeks before the camera announcement itself next PMA season (Jan/Feb 2010).

The new camera body --tentatively named: Micro-S10EXR (MS10), will have a 4/3rd 12MP EXR sensor, that shares a lot of its technologies and modes with current Fuji EXR compacts, just in a much larger sensor area and pixel size. The MS10 will be intermediate in form factor between the E-P1 and the GH1. It will have sensor shift stabilization, a substantial hand grip, tilt & swivel (similar in design to D5000), and a built-in EVF that is more akin to the EVF's of Fuji compacts than to that of the GH1. The entire body is made by Fuji or designed for them specially to fit the MS10 (ie nothing is cloned from any of the current M4/3 bodies except for the mount & standards of course). For lenses however, the MS10 will have to use any of the available lens options for M4/3. The camera will be marketed with EXR sensor as its main selling point.

I would like also to remind you about this post, where an Olympus representative gave an interesting answer to a potential Fuji involvement in the m4/3 market.

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  • Catastrophile

    I can’t believe this, but if it happens, it’ll be a great camera and that’s why precisely I don’t believe it.

  • Why ?

    Fujifilm needs to come out with some higher end DSLRs. Them maybe they will become popular like Canon and Nikon.

  • The reason why this product is better bet than competing against canikon, and other DSLR manufacturers, is because there is a greater market share up for grabs.

  • zygh

    finally šŸ™‚

  • Lyr

    Sad news. Fuji is letting aside all the Fuji followers who invested in Nikon glass. Plus we expect more than a smaller-than-APS-sensor camera.

    Full Frame Fuji SuperCMOS or SuperCCD would be a market killer.

    • ennan

      agreed – a D3 body with a full frame fuji sensor… mmmmmmmmmm tasty treats!

      Though knowing fuji the frame rate would be 0.3fps šŸ˜€

      Would still be nice though… we can dream…

    • That Fuji enters the m4/3 market should not mean abandonment of a full-frame or existing product lines.

      Fuji can leverage existing glass and focus on camera designs.

      I would like to see Olympus release thier flagship with the EXR–E3 successor could truly be promoted as flasgship.

    • dyna

      Sadly, Fuji and Nikon no longer share a partnership, so this is unlikely to happen. Also we have to consider the fact that, while the color and DR were absolutely superb on the S series DSLRs, the images are nearly universally soft… and if they’re soft on a crop sensor, they’ll be REALLY soft on a full frame sensor. There’d have to be some new lenses for it. And no way Nikon would do it, even if they had the money… which they don’t.

      • Lyr

        Maybe it was soft (for a 12Mp) but many (and myself) find it sharp for a 6Mp.
        Anyway, time has passed, sensor design has evolved, lowpass filters, Bayer filter and softwares too. Even giving the same global idea as the S5 (6Mp S+R, APS-C) would give a waaaay better image quality than it was before. And the new processors could lead to a faster FPS than about 1 when using the full DR.
        We don’t ask so much to Fuji, just a renewal, and maybe an upgrade to FX format.

  • publish-my-email-not

    this is catastrophic whether true or false. if true catastrophic for pana, if false,for us. i posted comments here yesternight but the moderator was a bit hyperactive.

  • Henry

    I am more interested in Fuji organic imaging sensor. It will be a Foveon killer. http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/HONSHI/20061115/123642/

    • they haven’t done anything with it since 2006?

  • Mitchi

    Micro 4/3 to me is about video. Can’t wait to see what Fuji will bring. My fuji f30 is great with video. Only waiting for 1080P with fuji brand baby.
    Camera images are always great with fuji sensors. Why cry about photo capability.

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