After adding as a way to filter to all Pentax related rumors, I received multiple requests to do the same with all Sony related rumors.

As of today you can also filter to all Sony rumors by using the domain name (sorry this is the British spelling or rumour, the other domain was not available).

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  • Anonymous

    Wow… my suggestion from (pentax rumors post) was put into life! Great! 😀 Although I prefered alternative portal… like for Nikon…. well, you cannot have everything 😉

    • Yes, I did listen to you and to few other readers that emailed me about it. After a while I may create an alternative (separate) portal, but you need to have enough viewers and sources for that, so it will take me a while until I get there.

  • sluck

    all rumors on this site?
    i like to read rumors of all camera faktories

    greets and thx for the true rumors (and the wrong 😉 )

  • SR

    Why apologise for using the British spelling?? That’s what we’d like to see more of!

    • all my websites have both versions – the and, except the Sony domain name, that’s why I apologized. Try it out 🙂

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