New Noktor f/0.95 lens for Micro Four Thirds

Some readers (hit the comments section for more links) have already noted that this lens is probably based on an existing f/0.95 lens for CCTV made by different manufacturers:

Details are still sketchy. Here are some info captured by Google Cache:

  • With a maximum aperture of F/0.95, the Noktor Hyperprime is the fastest lens designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras (no adapter needed). At open aperture, the lens renders pictures and video with extreme shallow depth of field for a unique aesthetic.
  • Extreme Low-light Shooting.
  • In low-light photography and cinematography, the lens exceeds the perception of the human eye. From nightscapes to campfires, now you can shoot in situations that are often impossible to capture with a normal lens.

Technical Specifications

  • Focal Length 50mm
  • Maximum Aperture F0.95
  • Minimum Aperture F16
  • Autofocus No
  • Internal Focusing No
  • Rear Focusing Yes
  • Minimum Focus Distance 1.9 ft. (0.6m)
  • Angle of View 46°
  • Lens (Elements) 8
  • Lens (Groups) 7
  • Dimensions 2.9×2.1 in.
  • Weight (280g)
  • Mount Type Micro Four Thirds
  • Accepts Filter Type Screw-on
  • Filter Size 62mm

I single sample shot with a pre-production version is available here.

The 50mm f/0.95 Nokton is the first product offering, with other focal lengths in development. No plans for a super wide yet (source).

Via Noktor

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  • Vladi

    Impressive. Didnt think it was possible to make 0.95 lens for 4/3. Manual focus only though, right?

    • I am also impressed. Yes, manual focus only.

  • disco

    noktor? sounds funky.

    • Global

      Sounds like a play on Nikon’s Noct lenses + or, also copying Nikon’s Nikkor line.

      Noc/Nok = nocturnal = night time use. + or = similar to a Nikkor.. lol.

      Copycats. 😉

  • regular

    Who’s producing it? Cosina?

  • Yury

    Why is it impossible to add AF ? If it had autofocus, i would immediately switch to 4/3from full frame, of course if it would not be as expensive as the one for leica…. In bokeh i trust… 😉

    • background separation on 4/3 is about same as f1.8 on full frame. It just a bit compensate for disadvantage* of 4/3, not exceed the main format.

      *for portraits etc, for macro i believe 4/3 is sweet spot in IQ vs features

  • Anonymous

    What is the equivalent to these 50mm in 35mm format?

    • 50mm equiv in 35mm is 100mm.

  • vam

    Angle of View 46°

    sounds like it’s 50mm equivalent for me. at least i hope.

  • vam
  • amazing! i bet if it was for nikon it would cost around 5000pounds, you would need some seriously acurate af on your camera to get that spot on all the time., guess they couldnt do it in the lens so just manual.
    very cool, would love to see it for real

  • Mistral75

    Nil novi sub sole.

    It’s an existing C-mount CCTV lens sold under the Navitron / Senko / Yakumo and more brands.–4.jpg

    C-mount lenses can be used on μFT with an adapter or with a converted mount.

    You can find large-aperture, μFT converted CCTC lenses on eBay, for instance:

    Very large aperture C-mount lenses include Angenieux 25 mm f/0.95, Canon 50 mm f/0.95, Cine Super 25 mm f/0.95, Cosina 25 mm f/0.95, Fujinon 25 mm f/0.85 (yes, zero point eight five), Zeica 25 mm f/0.95 among others.

    • maybe they used the same lens design and just added a m4/3 mount

      • Mistral75

        Good guess I think 🙂

  • vam

    and the senko cctv lens, it looks like noktor converts it to m43.

  • Sky

    I wish I would have one of these for APS-C ^^

    • Chio

      Why there is one..From Canon..Very, very expensive.

      Impressive lens on the paper, let’s wait for some images.

  • Richard

    $730! If they sell th 4/3 one for that price they just could sell a lot of them.

  • Cole

    Wouldn’t that translate to around F/1.9 because of the tiny 4/3 sensors. that SHOULD be around a normal aperture for this format…

  • mochapaulo

    Before it is modified to M4/3 mount, it is just worthed 400 USD. After the modification. It is almost a double. Should we pay a double for a mount convertion?
    Just depending on the optic design of the manufacturer, I used to find out some CCTV lens with large aperture has problem on CA (Chromatic abreration) even in
    f/8 and quite bad of dealing with flare. Especially the one made in China. So please calm down. A lot of people have been suffered for the high rise of 16mm cine lens.
    How can we pay such a high price without knowing the actual quality?

    • LGo

      Since it is manual focus, you could acquire an adapter and use this lens for a considerably lower cost.

  • Mark

    Just remember that this will not be the same as using 100/0.95 on a full frame DSLR, DOF-wise. Low light performance is great, but it will probably be comparable to a 100/2 or 100/2.8 on a full frame DSLR when it comes to DOF.

    Still, very exciting that someone is taking this to m4/3 land, converted and ready.

    • LGo

      A 100mm with an aperture opening at f/0.95 and DPF of f/2.0 is still a very persuasive and desirable setup.

  • Woolcott

    100mm f/0.95 equivalent on a m4/3 body small enough (like the E-P2) to sneak into concerts…


    • Ridge Racer

      100mm yes, but not exactly the same as a 100mm with f/0.95. Depth of field is increased because of the crop factor.

  • Anonymous

    what’s a cmount.

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