Sigma is planning to make an EVIL camera

Dpreview just reported that Sigma has announced plans on PMA to develop a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera with one of its Foveon sensors. Sigma is also evaluating the possibility of developing a new lens lineup for mirrorless cameras.

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  • Kevin Y

    wow what’s with this evil hype. everyones jumping the bandwagon. it really is that popular for many reasons i already have debated

  • Kevin Y

    but still why the hype

  • tibor

    “Planning” is 1 thing, “Doing” is another ….
    They should go evil mini-medium format with a 24mm-24mm sensor which uses Sigma mount lenses. There will be a niche for this kind of product.

  • toocool4school

    nice i can replace my crappy dp2.

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