Pentax 645D will not be sold in the US

"Pentax has finally introduced a medium-format digital SLR. The ruggedized, outdoor-friendly 645D is compatible with Pentax 645 lenses. The Bad news? No plans as yet to sell it in the U.S."

The source is Adorama. Their source was a Pentax US rep (twitter link):

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  • fmertz

    Vaporware still.
    When and if Pentax finally decides to sell their camera in the US they are likely to find a lot of resentment and no cash.

  • yoshitoshi

    This rep has no idea what he is saying. There probably is plans, just no date as of yet.

    • GlobalGuy

      Anyway, its called “Grey Market”. Expect it at Adorama and BH either way. =P

  • big boy

    @ fmertz…… this doesn’t look like vaporware:

    and this sure don’t look like resentment:

    • fmertz

      “@ fmertz…… this doesn’t look like vaporware:”

      If you can’t buy it and they have publicly proclaimed that they are not going to sell it to you… it IS vaporware!

      When you are holding one in your hands that you bought in the US, THEN tell us it isn’t vaporware. Until then, it’s just another empty promise from Pentax.

  • 501/CM Paperweight

    Maybe you could see it surfice with a kodak label in the US? Stupid I know but sometimes I think anything is possible.

  • Pentax 645D was NOT announced in the US:

    • ArtTwisted

      Bad news, since the mamiya DM22 goes for 10 grand, and if you were to import the pentax from japan i can only imagine the cost, aslong as you do it legaly of course

      • Eric Pepin

        correction the DM22 with the 80 f2.8 i believe goes for around 8 grand at adorama i think. Now 22 mp and 40 is a big difference but still, its at 22mp MF back with camera and lens and the sensor size is bigger i belive so it does have some things going for it.

  • ektarmaan

    645D = pentax marketing fail… AGAIN

  • Once more, Leica is right with its S2 !!!!!

    • right 😀

      they sell like pancakes…

      i mean who would not want Kia for price of Lexus, right?

  • Sky

    LOL… this is one big FAIL.


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