Canon working on a mirrorless camera (EVIL)

This information was published in the Japanese trade journal Pen News Weekly quoting Photo Trade Express where reportedly an unnamed Canon officer said:

"Canon is proceeding with the development of a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera to compete against models launched by Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung."

Via Amateurphotographer

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  • disco

    let’s get the party started!

    nikon, yooohooo?

  • So hope it’s true.

  • Anonymous

    What is (EVIL)?

    • EVIL=Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens

  • Anonymous

    Sure… If everyone else does first then Canon will… Come on make a decent one in this decade…

  • Amien

    hope for Fullframe EVIL. Time to beat the butt of Leica’s snobish fanboys

    • Anonymous

      agreed. give me a full frame EVIL and I’m sold.

    • Anonymous

      Totaly Agreed!

    • Sky

      There is one to be released – only not from Canon.

      • LGo


        • disco


  • Mana

    I hope that Canon will make it better.

    • Amien

      They will, for sure. with High class video & retro-compatibility fir lenses. This will be the Digital Mamiya 7II.

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