New full frame digital rangefinder being tested

Update: this was a plain lie and a desperate move to attract traffic/publicity - as a result all references to the source were removed. Nothing to see here people, let's move on.

xxx posted on his twitter that he’s testing a new rangefinder.

The standard lens is suppose to be 35mm f/1.2 and there are two more lenses. The rangefinder is full frame with magnesium alloy electronic shutter  and supposedly with very good AF (I guess this will not be a classic manual focus rangefinder).

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  • Anonymous

    points to being canon. hmmm..

  • it’s probably just an ‘EVIL’ (I’ve heard a few people calling them rangefinders), and not a rangefinder in the Leica sense of the word.

    • Richard

      Agreed. They are a rangefinder body size/shape…i.e. w/o a mirror. EVIL is as EVIL does!

  • beepboop

    It’s a bit too close to April fools day to take anything on the internet seriously.

    • Eric Pepin


  • Din

    “…suppose to be 35mm f/1.2…”
    Leica M Voigtlander or Nokton, is the onlyone.

    “The rangefinder is full frame…”
    Leica, Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Sony? maybe Zeiss Ikon?

    “…electronic shutter…”
    mmm, CMOS?, very difficult, but CCD is very probably with some non-good effects.

    “… with very good AF…”
    Rule out Leica M mount, but Contax G has AF system.

    Probably a new EVIL FF camera with a CCD, new mount…
    Kodak, Sony, Leica or Zeiss.

    • Sky

      Nice guessing!
      I really hope it’s Zeiss… world could use it.
      Sony? I don’t think so. They are working on APS-C sensor EVIL camera, not FF as far as rumors say.

    • Jonathan

      Well – it says “electronic magnesium alloy shutter” – so as far as I understand this would be an electronically controlled physical shutter, not a global shutter.

      • Anonymous

        Nope it says:

        “magnesium alloy electronic shutter”

        so more like:

        “magnesium alloy(,) electronic shutter”

        That aside I think it’s an april’s fool.

  • disco

    it’s a new iphone!

  • Hope it’s a Canon, would love to use it a lens cap for my 70-200 2.8 🙂

  • Anonymous

    My guess samsung

  • Anonymous

    samsung maybe?

  • Anonymous

    I hope it is a Contax G digital Rangefinder oder Zeiss ZM Digital…

  • taurui

    Before he shot canon, he shot leica only. Maybe he’s returning to leica?

  • Anonymous

    Zeiss ZM Digital with 720p video….

  • Din

    CMOS or CCD, new AF mount, new AF lens (I can’t find a 35mm f/1.2 AF).
    No Leica M, probably Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung or Kodak.
    Contax G mount?

  • ratio

    In case there is a prize for guessing this………………

    It has to be Leica’s R solution. Easy really.

  • Woolcott

    It doesn’t say film ANYWHERE on this tweet.

    I’m going to bet it’s a Cosina/Voigt R5 instead. A digital rangefinder would be tasty though, albeit cripplingly expensive more likely than not…

  • Tom Jennings

    I think it is the Epson R-D2!!! Just this time last year, they gave us the R-D1XG. After seeing that Leica has stolen their thunder and that Olympus and Panasonic dropped the ball… their coming back to run the Digital Rangefinder Field (that THEY created!!!!)

    • Sky

      More like Epson R2D2

  • Tom Jennings

    Also… in Japan, the Epson R-D1xg has dropped in price… used to RARE and priced around 300,000 yen, but now they are easily available on for about 260,000 yen. Looks like Epson is getting rid of any old stock!

  • mIKE

    I hope it’s a replacement for the G11 – The G12, i know that this has only been out for 6 months, but, you never know. I’m currently using a G10, and i would never sell this ever, but if they were to produce a Full frame rangefinder i would definetly buy, if it had interchangeble lenses as discussed that would be great too.
    What i want is the “B” function “bulb” for long expo’s – Lets hope it’s a Canon, and not too expensive.

  • Jose

    Since Jeff is just 1 of 12 Canon ambassadors (and only from 2008 or so if my recollection is correct) any equipment he is testing and contributing to create anticipation must be Canon.
    Which would make sense for 4 reasons: 1 – Canon and Nikon still have not made any movement in the EVIL marketplace, 2 – using a modern day DRF, with fast AF prime lenses would grant them a place at the top of that market (catering for advanced amateurs), 3 – they would capitalize from their photographic heritage and 4 – they would avoid canibalizing their small(er) DSLR’s.
    My bet is Canon, and shortly Nikon will follow.
    There is a wide open space above the Panasonic GH1 of GF1 which those DRF could occupy bringing sense to the mirrorless segment.

    • Sky

      Well… from this perspective it makes sens. Looks like everyone are working on EVIL cameras – Sony shown his prototypes already, Nikon is known to do something, now Canon… who knows, who knows.

      Only… how expensive it’ll be? $2000+ is my closest bet knowing canon love to high prices

  • Rangefinder Bob

    My guess would be Nikon, first, then Canon as the most probable candidates to release such a camera. Nikon released the S3 rangefinder in 2000, so it has a relatively recent history of making such a camera. Also, Nikon has been very silent about M43rd and Samsung’s APS-C mirrorless cameras, despite their strong sales and/or publicity. Combine that with Nikon’s recent push to get back to #1 in the pro, sports and photojournalism arenas, and I’m tempted to say, Hello Nikon S4!

    My guess is that Nikon will release an autofocusing full frame rangefinder camera that uses the D3s sensor, geared to pros, and priced at $6,500 or so. Sounds like a photogeek’s wet dream!

  • mochapaulo

    Interesting. From the pass experience, Canon and Nikon tend to announce as late as possible while other 2nd line manufacturers like to speak out before it is actualize. If Canon wants to make one, why not! Market is already there.

    In fact, before Jeff left the message in Twitter, there is another rumors from CR that there is a report in a Japanese Magazine about Canon developing an EVIL camera. If so, the rumors sounds getting real. What we should do is waiting till Photokina.
    Please go here:

    If you are thinking of Zeiss gonna make a digital RF. The answer should be NO. They have come to the Asia tour and has already emphasize that no digital camera will ever made. They make lenses only. But of course, there is room for Epson or Voitglander to make a better one, 1.3X crop frame size may good enough to make a balance point for the consumer. The last word, live view and AF are welcome. XD

    Mocha Paulo

  • NikoDoby

    Turns out It’s just an April Fool’s Joke!

  • le_petit_prince

    some sort of QL revival in digital?

    canon never got into that mini Rollei 35 like cameras business like minolta, olympus, yashica did because they were major company even then.

    But i don’t think it’s still not late to get into that segment now with digital.
    I doesn’t matter if we can’t use old manual lens as long as you make a pancake that’s lovable.

    ps. there’s something that japanese company never tried tho~
    I wish I can tell~
    maybe i’ll file for patent if nobody hasnt. I bet there isn’t.

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