Official announcements from the past few days

Some of the NAB announcements (see rumor here):

  • Zeiss released a series of compact prime lenses for digital and film cameras with PL (Arri), EF (Canon) and F (Nikon) mounts including a new lightweight zoom LWZ.2 lens for HDSLR cameras:

Adobe Photoshop CS5

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  • King Of Swaziland

    They keep mentioning “Full Frame” in all of these press releases, which implies 24x36mm, but then they make mention of Super 35 format. Which is it real 24x36mm full frame, or super 35 18.66×24.89mm?

  • Eric Pepin

    so theres a full frame sensor in this thing right ?

  • video world so much needs the competition like DSLR world have. The prices are ridiculous for very often pure hardware and build quality.

  • BH

    I looked on the zeiss website, when you go to order the lenses they only come up in EF or PL format, where is the nikon format? have they not released it yet?

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