Coming soon: Schneider Kreuznach lenses with NX mount

Schneider Kreuznach has signed a partnership with Samsung for future release of lenses with NX mount. Those lenses would be designed by Schneider and built in Korea by Samsung/Optron-Tech with Schneider's supervision and quality control. This new lenses product line will be named "SX". The following models are expected to be released in 2010:

  • 15mm f/2.3 Super-Angulon
  • 21mm f/2 Super-Angulon
  • 35mm f/1.4 Xenon
  • 55mm f/1.4 Xenon

An two more in 2011:

  • 90mm f/1.8 Tele-Xenar
  • 70mm f/2.8 Claron (Macro)
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  • Anonymous

    this is great, Carl zeiss vs Schneider Kreuznach : let’s ruuuuuuumble !!!

    • regular

      As long as it is M-mount lenses … 🙂

  • mochapaulo

    Good news. But please bear in mind that it means nothing if the lens are made in Korea. It is not a kind of discrimination but the truth is Samsung owns Schneider and it may just a label to value up the lens. This is something like Panasonic entitled with Leica but it only means the lens quality is up to the standard of Leica, or applying Leica’s tenology. So, the only reason I will feel happy is that if the lenses are really German made when release. Amen.

    • I’m sure they can make high quality lenses in Korea – it’s a high tech nation. Whether the quality of the lenses will be up to the brand on them depends on whether they want to or not, not whether or not they can.

      • mochapaulo

        Of course, we can wait and see. Another story is that Samsung needs to catch up the image processing technology. From my experience, the image quality in High ISO is not competitive with other leading companies (may just up to the standard of M4/3, indeed). Too much NR and lack of detail really keep the pro-user away. Wishing that the next generation with better COMS sensor may bring some hope to Samsung. Otherwise, I can’t see NX series will have a bright future when Nikon / Sony are about to join the party.

        • Cc

          Samsung aren’t targeting the pro market yet. They know that atm there is no chance of taking the loyal customers of Canon and Nikon. Instead, they’re targeting prosumers and beginners. I doubt there’s much to worry about quality wise, no company is going to make crap glass for their cameras, that would be calling for failure.

  • Eric Pepin

    Korea is a first world highly technological nation, Im sure they can produce top rate products. The question is will they be using samsung standards or Scheider ones. These primes are clearly targeted at photo entusiasts, and if these lenses end up being samsung lenses with a shneider sticker on them they just wont sell.

  • Looks like a great enthusiast line-up to me. I hope Olympus or Samsung can come up with a line-up to match quickly.

  • naru

    made in Korea and SO what ? you think they would produce a low quality lens?

    • GlobalGuy

      Korea makes a lot of great stuff of superior quality. But transfer of technology is not easy, especially in factories and with international employees. If there were TRANSnational employees (going back between Germany and Korea) that would be different. But to set up a new factory environment or to just designate specifications is not easy to do. The number of errors is likely to be very high. Its a common occurance and it doesnt matter what country we are talking about. Ultimately the QC will rise, but you might want to wait for reviews just to be sure.

      • naru

        i agree with you. just wait and see .. QC n’ the price..

      • Apeman

        Totally agree with you. I know someone who is running a rubber factory in China. He was about to get a huge contract of rubber supply but it was a very high tech business and his factory was not up to that standard. So he hired some experts from German and Japan. Unfortunately, after 6 months and multiple millions of dollars spent, the it still could not meet the quality standard…High tech transfer is not easy!

  • mochapaulo_is_gay

    Im sure these primes will be very good especially at Samsungs pirce point.

    looks like Samsung is looking to be a serious contender in the photography market.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Who’s better, Schneider or Zeiss?

    There’s only one way to find out…


    Of course my six D40’s would be better than both even without optics.

  • JBerardi

    I haven’t been impressed by Samsung’s NX efforts so far, but a nice set of digital primes could go a long way in changing that. Let’s hope the performance is there.

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