Sony EVIL update (NEX3 & NEX5)

First, some Sony EVIL price rumors from Korea:

  • Sony NEX3+lens for 600,000 KRW (=US$ 536)
  • Sony NEX5+lens for  700,000 KRW (=US$ 625)

The lens could be the 18-55mm or the 16mm lens. I expect prices in the US to be lower.

After the break (large images): several leaked slide-shows give us some more details about the features in the upcoming NEX3 and NEX5 (announcement expected on May 11, 2010):

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  • Mark

    Woo.. f*-ing hoo, another wide angle prime. A fifty millimeter (equiv. FOV) is a very usable lens. I don’t see why all manufacturers have abandoned it. Sigma dp1, dp2 + updates missed it, Olympus 17mm pancake, Panasonic 20mm, Leica X1 24mm and so on. There’s the 25mm 4/3 prime, but it needs an adapter and that adds to size. A small, large aperture 50mm equiv. can’t be that hard to do. 18-55mm zoom and then I’m supposed to buy the 16mm too? I don’t think so, and the 18-55mm is boring as hell. Alot of Canon and Nikon people did that dance as far back as seven years ago.

    • sflxn

      It’s because people want wide-angle! Most people either spend time in the wide range or the tele range. Normal lenses are not used as much; therefore, the sale is not there in this range. Hate to say it, but you are in the small minority that’s craving a normal lens. Actually, I think you’re in the ultra small minority complaining about a missing normal lens when you probably have no intentions to buy into this system.

      btw, the Pana 20mm is a normal lens. It’s 40mm in FF equivalent. 45mm is normal.

      • admittedly the 50mm (135 equiv.) is a pretty boring focal length, the 20mm for micro4/3 is THE normal lens for the 4/3 format. 50mm (135 equiv.) is actually the _telephoto_ normal with the 35mm (135 equiv.) being the _wide_ normal; if I’d be going for a “normal” lens then the ~40mm (135 equiv.) would be the lens of choice. If you ask me, Olympus did the right thing with the 17mm m43 lens as so did Panny with it’s 20mm. Too bad the Zuiko isn’t at least f/2. Sigma with it’s 28mm and 41mm equiv. hit the “sweet spot”, as far as I and many other are concerned; these lenses, though, are not that fast (f4 and f2.8) but, speaking for the 28mm equiv on the DP1, I can say it’s one heck of a performer; still f/4 is a little restrictive.

  • Maybe the Noktor folks will do a fast μ4/3 25mm or 35mm for this platform (APS-C).

  • Their target market is quite clear based on UI shots, pity I’d love to see a grown-up EVIL for people who know the difference between f-stop and bus stop. Come on Canon, Nikon, show us how it should be done!

  • Anonymous

    a 17-70mm 2.8 would be awesome

  • convenience

    I agree with Anonymous. However, there’s only a real benefit from the small body size, if sony will be able to design ultra small (zoom) lenses as well. I hope Sony come up with something revolutionary….

  • I really hope they have PASM rather than just a bunch of auto modes.

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