Canon EOS 5D Mark III in 2011

During the last Creativelive workshop, Vincent LaForet mentioned that Canon is developing a third generation of the EOS 5D which will be released in 2011.

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  • Eric Pepin

    Raw video perhaps ? to get rid of that horrid compression.

    • cnoellert

      More likely, support for a full res (1920×1080) HDMI + audio output for external disk recording through a black magic or aja card/box. That’s all people really want for moving pictures. On board recording is just silly for most things, specifically because of the compression.

  • tim

    3500 MP?

  • Chow

    Wow, this is great news. I thought Canon stopped developing new cams.. I heard a rumor Nikon is working on new models also. Could this be true??

    • the news here was the timeframe – nothing will be released this year.
      If you look at the source ( there was another bit of info (which I forgot to mention here):

      “Canon is committed to improving the mini HDMI connector on the cameras.”

  • GlobalGuy

    This just going to tick off Nikonians even more. 2 versions of 5D in the time that Nikon refuses to even update the D700 once.

    • disco

      why would that tick me off… that’s how good the D700 is 😛

      • booblicious

        looks like somebody’s in denial 😛

        History will remember the 5Dii as a revolution in DSLR technology while no one will really remember the D700. It’s like Jordan and Malone.

        • cnoellert

          Sounds like someone who’s never shot both cameras…

  • Andrej

    Well, you don’t have to be Vincent LaForet to say that … it’s pretty much clear.

  • Ed

    Makes sense, the 5D line is on a 3 year product cycle.

    Just look at the EOS timeline at the bottom

    It’ll be hard to improve on the 5Dii

    • Richard

      Not really. That is not to say that the MK II is not a fine camera, because it is, but there are any number of things that come to mind which could be improved.

      Some of them should not have taken as long as they have in the way of firmware updates and some of them involve getting the frame rate up by using better DSPs for processing the data bandwitdth generated by the high resolution sensor’s large files. I am sure that people can name any number of other things that can/should be improved. Canon’s autofocus system needs improvement across the entire product lineup. Just look at the number of professional shooters who have moved to the other system specifically because of autofocus issues. That should tell you something.

  • Vladimir

    It will be EVIL

  • ZeissGit

    Are the Canon sensors still horrible awful?

    • cnoellert

      Getting better, but still so damn noisy.

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