CMOS square sensor

The mythical square sensor is back - an unknown camera manufacturer is preparing a square CMOS sensor (they also got a detailed list of the advantages of such sensor design):

Square sensors already exist - check

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  • Eric Pepin

    Yes please, nikon hear my prayer, do this, do this now, copy them instantly.

  • Joe

    I think it would be cool if they could make a square sensor for a higher resolution dslr. I just don’t know how it will work with mirrors, lenses, etc.

  • This looks really cool.. i am sold.

  • zeissdarling

    I reckon its Nikon too – i’ve hear this square format somewhere else and its leaked to CanonRumors is perhaps anutha indicator. Perhaps this is what theyre talking about where they say theyre gonna shock the market. I can see them sitting there thinking… “Lets just top it all off.. beat everyone with a 50mp sensor that’ll crop like 35mm, 6×7, 645 or stay as 6X6” and the only thing that need beat it is a complete panoramic camera like those digital Linhoffs with the 120mp sensors.. (but who wants a camera that big/wide?)

  • dan

    about a year or two ago, i had been working for a big editorial and music photographer in LA. he was bi-coastal and had studios in both LA and NY. his NY studio was next door to annie leibovitz’s, and he said he had walked in and begun to talk to annie when he saw a camera under a black cloth. she began to shoot with it but ever ytime it was placed down, the black cloth was put on top of it again. he said it had been a test camera from mamiya who had been working on a square medium format camera. though with the current state of affairs with Mamiya, i would suspect that camera has been dropped.

  • Ih8you

    i hope canon makes somehting like this i hate using the vertical grip.

  • félix

    some optics may really not work with vertical formats. it starts already with the lens-hood shape, and ends anywhere in problems in the lens.

  • Kuba

    Isn’t for a medium format?

  • Nobody Special

    This may be a ‘not relevant’ comment – but – the Leica R lenses had a bigger than normal image circle that actually could have been used with a ‘squarish’ sensor. So,,,,,,,could it be from them?

    Yes, they have the S2, but the supposed replacement solution for the now passed R lenses; no, probably not.

  • Scalesusa

    Another Crop Sensor? Just buy a D300s and turn it 90 degrees for portrait.

    With this design, you lose wide angle, and depth of field, (given the same lens).

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