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Sony NEX 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS lens coming in September

The Sony NEX 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OSS lens is expected to be released on September 16th in Japan: Via Yodobashi

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Sony and Canon attempt to purchase Pentax?

Canon and Sony may have tried to purchase Pentax at some point. Hoya’s CEO has indicated in the past that Pentax is for sell. Then there were some statements about a “deeper relationship” with Samsung. It is possible that at some point JVC attempted to buy Pentax – both companies denied it a month later. I […]

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Sigma SD 15 delayed again

I don’t know how to say this with a straight face but the Sigma SD 15 is delayed again – this time till the end of June.

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Panasonic to announce something next week

Panasonic will have an announcement on June 1st or June 2nd, 2010 (depending on your location). I am still not sure what will be announced, I will look into previous rumors for clues and will post an update.

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Nauticam NA-550D underwater housing for Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Nauticam will release an underwater housing for Canon EOS Rebel T2i: More pictures and full press release after the break:

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New Rolleiflex lens at Photokina 2010

For Photokina 2010 a new Rolleiflex 150mm f/4 HFT PQS Tele-Apogon lens for medium format cameras is expected to be announced:

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Camera concepts (part 2)

Continuing with part 2 of the Camera concept series (camera concepts part 1 can be found here). Sony concept camera from tecnofotografia: Canon 3D concept from Dean Franciss: Fleximus camera – the lens (and I guess the sensor) are mounted on a flexible tube and can be a attached to a LCD display or a […]

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David Kilpatrick’s predictions on what’s next for Sony

David Kilpatrick (the person behind the Photoclubalpha website) had this to say on the upcoming Sony products: Many Sony lenses will be updated next year: the SSM & SAM lenses will stay unchanged, “but anything currently with a screw drive focus will be replaced with a motor”. In general Sony will offer more all-round zooms lenses, […]

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