New Olympus Pro DSLR at Photokina

A new rumor from the Olympus reps at PMA Melbourne:

"Pro spec DSLR on the way. It will use the pen's TruePic V and a few other surprises that will make it quite a remarkable camera. I was told an announcement is due at Photokina 2010."


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  • Wiseguy

    oxymoron in the title?

    • Parci

      aren’t you one big professional, whose creativity is only limited by sensor sizes…

      • Wiseguy

        yep, i would be quite limited by sensor sizes, image quality, noise, AF performance, reliability, lenses available, services available, resale value, price for performance, and couple of other things if i would shoot olympus.

  • phillip

    Don’t feed the troll…even if he calls himself a wiseguy 😀

  • zeiss darling

    The digital Pen image quality is very very good. Quite surpising after the drubbing it got in AP magazine and even by Jessops staff. The lenses are superb, rivalling Leica and almost as there as Zeiss. If they come out with a proper pro-DSLR that i can put a wide-angle shift etc on i will be well happy.

  • Eric Pepin

    cool, oly makes good glass and enjoys building cameras out of metal.

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