Panasonic LX5 leaked on UK website

A new Panasonic model LX5 made an appearance on Panasonic UK website. As mentioned before, announcement is expected at the end of July.

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  • Any thoughts as to specs? A slightly longer lens & 720p recording would be nice. Wouldn’t take it at the expense of aperture though.

    • No, there were some rumors of m4/3 sensor, but this could be for a different camera.

      • That would be a huge upgrade. The LX-series is pretty small though, would a m4/3 sensor even fit?

    • Whoops, apparently it already does 720p. What do I know, I’ve never shot video with my LX3… Still want a slightly longer lens though. Something like 24-70 would be great.

  • dude

    hopefully comes with fullframe sensor, f/1.4, iso819200

  • John Hinkey

    As an owner of a LX-3 for a couple of years now I which it had:
    (1) Larger Sensor @ same resolution (better noise characteristics)
    (2) Keep the multi-aspect sensor and the OIS
    (3) 24-85mm FX equivalent FOV
    (4) f/2 is nice, but I’d take f/2.8 for the wider range
    (5) 720p video would be nice (it doesn’t do 720p already?)
    (6) Optional electronic viewfinder (for those impossible sunny days)

    – J

    • Eric Pepin

      id rather have a 1.8 prime and a 4×3 rds sensor along with the optional viewfinder.

    • SZRimaging

      I agree with everything except a couple of points. It does shoot 720p already. I have used it a few times since it is handy and can tuck into some small places and out of the way.

      With a larger sensor, and I agree we need that, I think f2 or f2.8 should do it.

      I would prefer more of an 24mm to 105mm. This would cover most of what I shoot when I am using this camera.

      And a physically shorter lens to increase compactness.

  • Barret

    For the video feature just add AVCHD lite encoding and give it a decent microphone. The sound recording on the lx3 is worse than an old cellphone.

    For the camera itself, I wish for a slightly larger backlit sensor with better ISO performance and if possible just a bit longer zoom. 24-90 😀

    Oh and add an automatic lens cap. The only thing S90 has over the LX3 is pocketability and the ayto lens cap!

  • @Eric pepin

    Well, that camera already exist, with a f1.7 lens : it’s called a GF-1. 😉

  • Mike again

    I have the LX3 and am pretty satisfied with it except one thing, the RAW is still absolutely SHIT quality, big pixelations las if it was a hard compressed JPG… come on Panasonic, there’s no effective 10 Mp!! (I have a D700 too and can clearly see the difference thought D700 have only 2Mp more which in practice should be q.u.i.t.e negligible.)

    The only thing I would wish in the successor would be MUCH MUCH BETTER RAW, higher ISO and maybe stretch the zoom a tiny bit on the long end.

  • PPL

    sensor: 4/3

    zoom Leica x3

    Leica Digilux look !

    Best regards.

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