Olympus patent uses eye’s position and adjustable aspect ratio to frame pictures

The idea behind this patent filed by Olympus is that the photographer can easily adjust the aspect ratio of the viewfinder with an adjustable frame:

In addition, the patent suggest an eye detection device on the back of the camera that will follow the photographer's eyes (similar to the current blink-detection technology) and will make the necessary adjustment when the camera is tilted in order to capture exactly what the photographer intended:

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  • Libby

    Yeah I saw this on PetaPixel. It’s stupidity to the max if you ask me. Money is better spent on quality issues rather than features customers don’t need.

    • Mikhail

      HAHA but they save so much $ by hiring 8 year olds to draw their patent application diagrams (second picture of the person)

      • GlobalGuy

        HAHAHA… so true. hahaha.

        The best part of this technology is that you can’t cock your head to the side at all. Otherwise, the picture will come out funky by a few degrees. Also, if you ask me, the angle is what makes these “MySpace” photos work. If they looked exact-on, they would be weird. Anyway, useless feature unless you post a lot of self-pics. Well…. maybe if you are on a P&S tour of Europe or somewhere and you want to get yourself in front of monuments or famous places. *shrug*

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