Canon EVIL

Canon EOS IX

Canon EOS IX from 1996 - is this the camera Canon has in mind?

Canon followed Nikon's footsteps and made a confession to Reuters:

Maeda also said the company was working on a smaller version of its upmarket single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras in a bid to compete with the new breed of mid-range so-called “mirrorless” cameras launched by Sony Corp, Olympus Corp, and Panasonic Corp. “It’s not a question of whether or not you have a mirror. There is a consumer need for good-quality cameras to be made smaller,” Maeda said. “We will meet this need.”

Image credit: flickr/Mike Caine | More about the Canon EOS IX can be found here

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  • Jack

    Strictly speaking, Canon is not saying they will make EVIL or even mirrorless cameras. They are just saying they will make future their camera smaller…

    “It’s not a question of whether or not you have a mirror. There is a consumer need for good-quality cameras to be made smaller,” “We will meet this need.”

    • Brick

      Jack‘s right, it seems like Canon will not launch an EVIL but a smaller DSLR. I don’t think Canon will abandon its very big SLR product line so easily

      • Sick

        I don’t think this is about abandon the EF mount.
        But it seems that the consumer market switches to mirrorless over mid to long distance.
        There should be room for crop factor DSLRs in the future still.
        But not for that much models we see right now.
        More and more people will be willing to like sligthly slower AF and electronic viewfinder of m4/3s, NEX and NX.

        So if Canon (and Nikon also btw!) does nothing at all, they will lose users.
        And they will lose a market where huge numbers are sold (well with lower income per unit).
        But they will in the end also lose upgraders.
        Having an “we are only for pros” image can actually be very damaging to the sales.

        Actually C&N played themselves on the wall with the long wait for not even showing mockup or any plan to go mirrorless systems.
        Sony did show mockups and made it to even surprise at the time of release.
        Because they found a way to the market different from the already strong m4/3s system.
        On the opposite: look how low level the press coverage and excitement) was about Samsung NX system.
        Because it is too close to m4/3.
        And looking at the body and lens numbers people have an easy time to decide towards Panasonic/Olympus rather.
        C&N have to find another way to surprise the masses or start with a huge offering of lenses.
        For example by incorporating the existing SLR lenses way better than Olympus and Sony do.

        • Anonymous

          What many would like is a small compact and light camera .. and this means smaller and lighter body, smaller and lighter lens, and thus smaller-sized sensor too.

          If this new bodies can be adapted to use the existing Canon EF/EF-S and Nikon F-Mount lenses, then this can only expand the market for this type of camera bodies.

    • jeorcal

      I am waiting for a 1Ds without grip , not a 5D , a 1Ds-like but smaller

    • I bet they are just talking about their g-models. Probably a larger sensor will be fitted in the future…

    • Canon wants to compete with mirrorless cameras – not sure how they can do that with a “small DSLR model”. If you remember the Nikon mirrorless camera article in Bloomberg, they reported it as an SLR camera. Maybe just another “lost in translation”.

  • jeorcal

    “There is a consumer need for good-quality cameras to be made smaller”

    There is a need of mirror-less FF camera

  • what the world doesn’t need though is yet another lens mount.

  • Anonymous

    @ kokoro
    Exactely thats rigth the world doesn`t need that.
    And damn why want Canon minimize there SLR Cameras, thats Bull… they are even smaller than Nikons and they feel like toys in my hand, definetly to light , they are now to small, Canon should build them bigger an havier, and now they want to build them smaller ?????????

  • sflxn

    Wrong. World doesn’t need anything, but it WANTS a lighter setup. Small body + heavy EOS lenses is not what these customer had in mind.

  • camaman

    True, world doesn’t need much of anything new and better anymore.
    It’s manufacturers and people who live these products that want everything better!
    That goes for pros and hobbyists alike! :-):-)

    Consumers are just tired of being beta testers all the time…

  • Inge-M.

    I hope them not produce mount in plast again

  • c.d.embrey

    The Canon camera shown at the beginning of the article is an EOS IX.

    The Canon APS-C sensor is 15×22.5mm. The APS film used by the Canon EOS IX is 25.1 x 16.7 mm. Therefore Canon could build a digital camera about the same size as the 132 x 80 x 59 mm (5.2×3.15×2,3 inch) EOS IX. According to the Canon Museum EOS IX takes EF lenses, I effing luv it!

    • yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind with this picture – a reader sent it to me and it’s a great example of how Canon can compete with mirrorless by making a small DSLR (I guess I was wrong in my previous comment).

  • jeorcal

    it is ugly

  • camaman

    just make it EF mount, FF mirrorless and be done with it!
    That the one will get in the end.

    And funny thing is, the only thing I would want and can’t have in todays availability is a full HD EVF. I can see how todays Panasonic G1/G2 800×600 ones would seem unsuitable for FF mirrorless high class consumer camera

    • jeorcal

      FF mirrorless we are many waiting for it

  • JaccoW

    Now I know this will never happen, but why not join another EVIL manufacturer in their lens mount? If they were to work together with for example Samsung or Sony they could still use a larger sensor and give both systems a boost because of an increase in the available lenses.

  • bladdish

    What I’d like is a mirrorless camera, taking full format lenses from Canon or Nikon, but held in your left hand like an old-style Hasselblad or a Rollei twin. That means you cradle the camera body from underneath, the same way you hold a baby’s head, and the shutter release is under your left index finger. Right hand is free for pressing buttons & switches or even touchscreens like the G2. Electronic viewfinder / LCD points upwards. This also makes for a steady way to shoot video.
    Now you’ve read this far… …I’d also like about 25Mpix and 1080p at 50Hz please.. Cool !! .

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