Samsung: new Wi-Fi camera and a pocket camcorder

This picture from yesterday was indeed of Samsung's new pocket camcorder - the HMX-E10 which is now officially announced.

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  • Rob

    Who is Samusng?

    • sh*t!

    • John

      Whom make the AMOLED screen for almost every smartphone with AMOLED display (except LG), whom make half of the IPC-LCD Retina of iPad and iPhone 4G , the A4 processor, flash and ROM memory.
      Whom make half of the SuperLCD on the new Nexus One and HTC Desire phones.
      Wham has more WiFi compact cameras than others and whom has the best camera price in the market.
      And more, and more…

  • Din

    The ST80 is the first WiFi camera with email application.
    You could send picture or video in seconds through WiFi connection to email, social networks, online galleries and online albums.
    You could download not just the ST80 pictures itself, but the picture from others camera with SD/SDHC card put in the ST80, like a Mobil Pictures WiFi Transfer.

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