Samsung NX100 spotted in the wild?

This is reportedly a picture of the new Samsung NX100 that was captured during a commercial shot:


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  • Sky

    Hm… Olympus-Pen alike?

  • Camaman

    Looks huge…

  • GlobalGuy

    It must have been spotted by a Samsung employee paid to spot it, because who would even be thinking about it otherwise.

    • BongGilKim

      Hi GlobalGuy 🙂

      original image NX100

      I Love You ~ samsung 🙂

  • Joe Boston

    It’s large enough to be full frame…:D

  • MK

    Admin, when you say that you were asked to remove it from the site, do you mean officially asked by samsung?

    • I think it was from the person who took the picture, but I have no proof of that. Anyway, the picture is now available everywhere.

  • Sky

    WOW! Now that’s interesting! We’ll have NX-PEN-Alike 😀 now: nearly-officially! hahahaha

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