Pentax K-5, K-r and EVIL cameras at Photokina

A rather bizarre rumor showed up on dpreview yesterday - somebody who claims to work for Pentax Spain as a "sales promoter":

  • Pentax K-5 will be a model above K-7.
  • Pentax K-r will use both a lithium battery and standard AAs and will cost 699€.
  • Pentax EVIL will likely be APSC.

The poster claims to work for the company that created website.

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  • Anonymous

    afaik there is NO “Pentax Spain”. just a distributor (reflecta)

  • Tabitha Green

    K5 should be interesting. 🙂 And the Pentax EVIL might also be interesting — hopefully something for the advanced enthusiast level people and not for the point-n-shoot upgrade crowd (NEX sucks!)

    • Eric Pepin

      NEX does suck.

      • Sky

        Though picture-quality wise it’s a win. Controls do sux.

  • Sky

    Pentax EVIL being APS-C doesn’t look like anything innovative. I wonder what will be a thing making it “distinct from models already on the market” – it won’t be controls for sure, cause there are already cameras with dslr-alike controls on EVIL market. Maybe touchscreen? Open firmware for people to write their own interface? Integrated razor for long trips in the bush?

    • Al

      Assuming it would also be fully compatible with K mount, that means auto focus with a ton of kickass lenses. If you don’t know about the FA limiteds (such as the FA77/1.8) and FA35/2 (not a limited and discontinued, but I have it) just to name a few, you might understand one reason why people from other mounts would be and willing to mount a Pentax K or M42 lens on their body. Doing so, as you know would mean the lens would be a 100% manual focus, aperture, etc. lens.

      Pentax still has it going. Their best lenses are still primes, which are sharper, smooth buttery bokeh and cost less than the competition. Just cause you paid a pretty penny/premium for something (red stripe+letter L designation) doesn’t mean it MIGHT be the BEST out there, just whatever your brand makes available to you and whats you to THINK. 🙂

      However, aps-c evil from my limited experience isn’t worthwhile except for future low end bodies. Basic physics, if the sensor is the same size, the lenses would be too… so you’ll may end up with a smaller body, but your lenses would be about the same size, unless Pentax starts cranking out pancakes like hotcakes (pun intended, would be interesting if they do). I love the look of a brick of a camera (body+grip) with a dinky pancake lens on it.

      • Sky

        Having the K-mount EVIL doesn’t make any sense. It’d have to be exactly the same size as DSLR, and if so than… I see no reason for it to be EVIL camera – other than getting rid of good OVF and phase-detection AF system, which would only make it worse, not better.

        Sure, it’d be great to use Kmount lenses, but what’s the point of than? Let’s don’t cheat ourselves – it won’t be protable at all. The distance between lens and sensor would have to be 45.46mm alone, which is much more than entire NEX-5 depth (38mm).

        • Al

          I believe the common trend is to ditch the mirror for lower end bodies (with or without a substandard micromount) while retaining compatibility with “full size” DSLR lenses. For low end bodies, it would help drive prices, size and weight down further by removing the expensive and complex mirror/shutter box assembly. There could be an EVF for middle/low end models if desired.. but it’s possible low end bodies in the future might not even have a viewfinder at all… for n00bs, a less fragile low end body might be a good thing too. This is my only way of making any sense and purpose of EVIL.

          One thing that concerns me is that it if my thinking is correct, it will make low end bodies even cheaper than they are now AND higher end bodies with even MORE expensive. 🙁 I’m not willing to give up an OVF anytime soon, and I know I’m not alone.

          I already said it earlier, with an APS-C sensor (due to physics), the lenses will be the same size. Aside from some magic work, only way around making smaller lenses would be pancakes or lenses that have reduced edge to edge sharpness (important for group shots) and vignette more (not that I would mind, but pixel peepers and the like would). More pancakes are always welcome.

      • Carlos R B

        Hummmm….a small body and the 21,31 and the 43mm? cool…would still need a 28mm EQ…

  • Anonymous

    how about if the adapter to mount the k lenses also allows focus with manual lenses? like the 1.7x AF TC, without the TC part 😉

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