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Pentax to announce another cheaper mirrorless camera

Nikkei.com reported that Ricoh Pentax will announce another low-priced miorrorless camera (priced at  ¥50,000, around $600). Pentax already has the entry level Q model and the recently announced K-01 mirrorless camera, while Ricoh has the mirrorless GXR system. Via Digicame-info

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Rumor: Pentax K-01 APS-C mirrorless camera to be announced next month

Rumors for a second mirrorless camera from Pentax are intensifying again. Here are the first detailed specs from digicame-info: to be announced at CP+ show in Japan in early February the model name is K-01 K-mount will come with a new lens: DA 40mm f/2.8XS there will be three new lenses three different colors: Black & white body color, […]

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New Ricoh GXR body with rotating LCD, Pentax K-mount GXR unit

Soem readers asked me why I did not cover Pentax in my  CES coverage last week. The problem was that Pentax was part of the PMA@CES exhibition that was at a different location and was surprisingly quiet – there were only 3 people at the Pentax booth when I got there. The Ricoh/Pentax news from […]

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Rumors about a second mirrorless camera from Pentax are back

The website p3newsreviews reported that they spotted a “rugged appearing, possibly mirrorless, viewfinderless camera sporting what looked like a k-mount limited or pancake lens” at CES.

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Ricoh is working on a new mirrorless camera developed by Pentax

From the beginning of 2011, the rumors were that Pentax will announce two mirrorless cameras. As the months passed by, the chance of a second mirrorless system diminished, even though rumors continued to flow. My guess three weeks ago was that Ricoh’s purchase of Pentax did put the plans for second mirrorless camera on hold. Yesterday TMCNet published this unusual press […]

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Two new Pentax interchangeable lens cameras in the next few months

At a recent exhibition, a representative from Pentax Russia made this comment on their two upcoming cameras with interchangeable lenses: “A company representative Anton Melnikov commented on plans to produce mirrorless Pentax cameras. The first camera based on APS-C sensor will be released until September this year. It is based on the K bayonet and maintains the […]

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Pentax starts new camera teaser campaign

At a Chinese trade show, Pentax showed a teaser of an upcoming camera, covered by a black cloth. Reportedly, the new product is suppose to be “more important” than a regular point and shoot camera. Pentax is expected to release two new interchangeable lenses compact cameras this summer, one will be mirrorless (NC-1) and the other will […]

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Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera will come in two colors

Back in February I posted a low resolution image of the upcoming Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera: Here is a better resolution image of the Pentax NC-1 and it seems that the camera will be available in white color as well:

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