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Pentax to announce another cheaper mirrorless camera

Nikkei.com reported that Ricoh Pentax will announce another low-priced miorrorless camera (priced at  ¥50,000, around $600). Pentax already has the entry level Q model and the recently announced K-01 mirrorless camera, while Ricoh has the mirrorless GXR system. Via Digicame-info

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Ricoh GXR official

Update: I forgot to mention the Ricoh GXR accessories: viewfinder, external flash, neck strap, self-retaining lens cap, Ricoh TC-1 135mm tele conversion lens, Ricoh HA-3 Hood & adapter. It was just a week ago when the word about a new “slide-in” design broke out and only a month ago I reported about the upcoming mirrorless Ricoh. Today it’s all […]

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Confirmed: new Ricoh mirrorless camera on November 10th

Update #3: the release date matches also with the tip I received a month ago. Update #2: the exact translation is “Scheduled for Tuesday, November 10 (domestic market) Ricoh announces a new digital camera”. Update: the release could be on November 11th, depending on your time zone. Two different sources so far – this is the […]

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Ricoh’s mirrorless, interchangeable lenses camera – coming up on November 10th?

This rumor is brought to you by Fotosidan (Google translation) – the translation as aways is sketchy, but it seems that Ricoh has sent out event invitations for this Tuesday, November 10th: “… a unique new compact camera in the premium class. Ricoh is a long time in development the forefront of compact cameras with very […]

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Ricoh’s mirrorless camera: with a “slide-in” interchangeable lens mount system

This rumor is coming form a Chinese forum: the expected Ricoh’s EVIL €œ(Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable Lens)€ camera may have a “slide-in” interchangeable lens mount system and not a k-mount like previous speculated. This idea is not new and has been discussed before on dpreview. There is also a patent granted to Ricoh a while […]

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