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Will there be a second interchangeable lens camera system from Pentax?

Quesabesde reminds us that Pentax still has to announce their second interchangeable lens camera that will have a larger APS-C sensor. They put the probability of such a new camera system at 50%. It is possible that Ricoh’s recent purchase of Pentax may have put those plans on hold. A recent Pentax roadmap did not have a second camera to be […]

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2011 Pentax roadmap reveals no second camera but I am still a believer

This 2001 Pentax roadmap confirms that the Pentax Q and the Pentax NC-1 are just different names for the same camera. Except the two new P&S cameras, there are no other announcements scheduled till the end of the year, but keep in mind that this roadmap is labeled “Compact Product Timeline 2011”.

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Pentax Q interchangeable lens camera will be announced in August

PENTAX Q I received some information from Europe about the second interchangeable lens camera called Pentax Q, expected to be announced in August 2011. Those are the specs: 12MP backlit sensor HD movie recording (720p) RAW capabilities Available in tow color: black and white Vary small and compact in size Price around 700 EUR Several lenses will be announced […]

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Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera kit will be priced around $600

I received some information on the US pricing of the upcoming Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera – the kit with one lens will have a MSRP in the $600 range. More lenses are expected to be released later in the year. Pentax already showed a teaser for their new mirrorless camera at a recent trade show in […]

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Two new Pentax interchangeable lens cameras in the next few months

At a recent exhibition, a representative from Pentax Russia made this comment on their two upcoming cameras with interchangeable lenses: “A company representative Anton Melnikov commented on plans to produce mirrorless Pentax cameras. The first camera based on APS-C sensor will be released until September this year. It is based on the K bayonet and maintains the […]

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No full frame DSLR camera from Pentax any time soon

Some interesting points form a recent interview with Pentax representatives in China: A full frame Pentax DSLR is currently not needed since the medium format 645D camera can satisfy the need for better image quality. Pentax is not completely eliminating the full frame option and can reconsider their position if there is a significant need for such camera on the market. […]

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Pentax will bring two new interchangeable lens cameras this summer, only one will be mirrorless

Back in January I mentioned that Pentax is working on two new interchangeable lens cameras. One of them will be the Pentax NC-1 that should be announced in the summer of 2011 and it will be a true “mirrorless solution”. The second camera is rumored to be a digital version of the Pentax Auto 110 camera. The […]

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