No full frame DSLR camera from Pentax any time soon

The medium format 645D camera eliminates the need for a full frame Pentax DSLR

Some interesting points form a recent interview with Pentax representatives in China:

  • A full frame Pentax DSLR is currently not needed since the medium format 645D camera can satisfy the need for better image quality. Pentax is not completely eliminating the full frame option and can reconsider their position if there is a significant need for such camera on the market. There are currently no plans to develop full frame lenses.

Other Pentax news: the Silver K-5 limited edition is now discontinued.

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  • What’s a Pentax?


    4…3…2…1… You will now go back to sleep and believe that Hoya/Pentax has anything to offer.

    Hoya keeps touting the 645D, but what new lenses have they brought out for the system?
    Another Pentax zoom is on the way? Rejoice 645D users; it will be slow, optically poor and cost a premium.

    The price of high-end APS C cameras will eventually run into the price of low cost full frame cameras. Canon was said to be readying a low cost full frame for launch later this year.
    Great strategy Hoya/Pentax!


    • Arno

      Hey “what’s a pentax”, can i admire the fantastic picture you make ? I mean, you looks so great, i’m sure you’re badass photographer.
      Or maybe, just a morron who like to bashing a brand, a poor little guy with no life in front of his computer screen, searching for all pentax news and post stupid comments.
      Really, you sucks, bad, really bad.

      • Denis

        You seem to be really nervous. His thoughts are pretty clear: pentax will fail immediately after cheapest FF will cost about the same with Pentax top crop, and Pentax “compact” low-end cameras are not compact at all compared to mirrorless ones.

  • Derp

    Wow, a person who systematically scours Pentax related content, only to flame the topic… you DO know that there is more constructive things to do in this world, right?

    • +1 Between their small sensor DSLRs and medium format 645D, they’ve carved out a pretty strong niche for themselves.

      • adasd

        yea, that is truth. but purpose of company (which aims to make moneys) is to make niche also for (at least few) users.
        Well Pentax so far failing everywhere…

  • polpaulin

    no 35mm FF and no medium format FF Pentax is a no way to go for pro users

    • Somebody

      You need to stop saying something is discontinued because B&H says it’s discontinued. No shit this item is discontinued, it is in the name of the product. K-5 Silver LIMITED EDITION.
      There are some available on & amazon, there were only 100 of the cameras in the US to start off with.

      • polpaulin

        I dont say it is is discontinued I say it is not FF … ok for me it is the same

    • Alex

      So all that matters about a camera are those two letters? It can be terribly expensive, it can have a worse image quality – but it’s OK, ’cause it’s “FF”?

      • What’s a Pentax?

        Hey Alex,

        If you are discussing Pentax and FF, you must mean, “Front Focus”.

        Did Pentax ever get that bug fixed with the K-5?

        • Alex

          Your trolling attempts are as lame as ever. Get a life!

        • Arno

          Where are your photos “what’s a pentax” ?

          I would like to admire your stuning photographer work…

  • osam

    The first quote posted here does make me laugh a little:

    “Oh, you wanted a sensor bigger than APS-C? Here, have a 645 digital system!”

  • Eric

    Makes sense really, with APSC becoming better and better and with Pentax clearly not targeting photo journalists and the such, for studio use, landscape, product, etc a professional for the 10k is getting a hell of a lot of camera with the 645 and everyone else that buys pentax is most likely a prosumer or a random guy a best buy so APSC is fine.

    • Denis

      > APSC becoming better and better

      K-5 only 1-1.5 stops worse in low light shooting than 5d mk II. The DR is better only K-5 uses new generation sensor. The generation FF cameras will be on par at least (but I think they will be better).
      The IQ is still MUCH worse on K-5 than at any FF. Just check shots with 21Ltd on K-5 and 31Ltd on 5d or 5d mk II (they will have the same FOV).

  • Negrodamus

    Don’t believe the hype surrounding Full Frame. If you can’t take a decent shot with an APS-C, a Full Frame camera isn’t going to help you.

    • What’s a Pentax?

      Are you for real? Have you even shot with a full frame camera? Focal length, depth of field and dynamic range are all better on a full frame camera. I have a Nikon D700 and won’t go back to an apsc dslr. I have a Sony NEX 5 that is APSC but I use the camera for legacy glass.

      What I find sad are the comparisons of the Canon 5D, 5D MKII and Nikon D700 to the Pentax K-5. In some cases, the older full frame models are five years old! Wait until the new full frame models start arriving later this year. The new full frame models will spank Pentax again.

      Why are APSC people so against Fullframe? Buyer’s remorse? Did you also kick yourselves over disc and 110 film?

      Different streaks for different freaks, if some people want Pentax to produce a FullFrame camera then let them ask. Who are you to stand in the way of progress?

      Camera systems are investments. If you buy a lot of lens for a particular brand and grow fond of them you are going to want to keep the lenses and get the most utility from them.

      Is this why APSC users are still stuck in 2004? Are you still driving PT Cruisers too?

      • Arno

        Photos “what’s a Pentax ?”, where are yours ?

        • Arno

          Dear “what’s a pentax”,
          I would like to compare the pics i’ve made with my poor Pentax gear with your “oeuvres d’arts”.

          I’m pretty sure you are a shity photograph, or no photograph at all. I bet 20 bucks on it !

      • Alex

        You have a D700 but know nothing about photography. “Focal length, depth of field and dynamic range are all better on a full frame camera”?
        How could the focal length be “better” on a full small format frame camera? Focal length is focal length; and one should chose the proper lenses for the format he’s using.
        What if I’d suddenly switch to a K-mount full small format frame? My 70mm Limited would be too wide, the 60-250 too short… I’d have to re-think my whole lens “collection”, sell some of them and buy others – how is that “better”?
        Btw, I’m happy with the DOF provided by my lenses on APS-C, and the K-5 has a very good dynamic range; better in fact than your D700.

        Those new full small format frame DSLRs won’t be better than the 645D.

        “Is this why APSC users are still stuck in 2004? Are you still driving PT Cruisers too?” We’re in 2011, and the APS-C dominates the DSLR market by a very, very large margin. Congratulation for making a fool of yourself.

      • Nathan

        I doubt you know anything about photography beyond buying camera gear. In all of my years of photography, shooting 135 film, 120 film, APS-C, even Four Thirds gear, I’ve never once run into a situation where depth of field was too deep. I routinely purchase lenses in the f2.0 to f2.8 range, and can get very shallow depth of field on ANY of those camera systems.
        Sometimes, though, quite often with macrophotography and product photography, I want MORE depth of field. For product photography, I routinely use an Olympus E-30, whereas for portrait work, I like the APS-C cameras from Nikon. Full frame D700 or 120 film I reserve for landscapes, as they are finicky to focus wide open, the focal lengths being longer. When I open the aperture, it is to speed up the shutter or balance flash and ambient light, with only minor attention to background blur in those rare shots where that is desirable.
        To me, it sounds like you’re a fanboy, enamored with the current craze for f0.95 bokeh and smeary, kodachrome looking murky, discolored crap that no client purchases, but flickr will glurge over endlessly. Hipsters love it, clients don’t.

  • Nathan

    I’ve been very impressed by the K5, not sure there is a need for something between that and the 645D. Of course, if it was 2500 dollars instead of 10k, it would represent a serious niche, but aren’t Pentax lenses APS-C image circle?
    Wouldn’t they need ANOTHER completely new lens lineup?
    If they do, ugh. They should skip it and focus on making the K5’s successor even better.

  • I like the idea of pentax medium format digital because pentax is known for their medium format slrs. I just wish it were affordable.

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