Canon takes a financial hit after the disaster in Japan

Canon profit droped 2% in Q1 of 2011 as a result of the disaster in Japan. Both profit and camera sales forecasts were cut for 2011. Canon's supply chain is severely disrupted and is "months away from being fixed". Canon is the first major photography company to report its financial results after the earthquake in Japan. Expect similar report form other camera manufacturers.

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  • that is to be expected not only from canon but from all manufacturers of camera equipment
    wishing all the best to the people of japan
    i will support the japanese economy when the fisheye zoom comes out

  • Well done Canon for limiting the financial impact. If a massive earthquake, followed by the biggest tsunami ever, three nuclear meltdowns, rolling blackouts devastated the heartland of the country’s electronics industry and all that happens to my company was a 2% drop in profit, I’d be thanking my lucky stars and dancing a jig in the boardroom.

    As a side note, here in Hong Kong at least, we’ve seen inventory dry up deep into pre-orders and the value of second hand modern camera bodies and lenses has risen.

    • adasd

      truth to be said is that big companies are contracted months prior so it will most likely be visible in future reports then immediate ones

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