Is this the mirrorless Pentax NC-1 camera?

This is is suppose to be the mirrorless interchangeable lens Pentax NC-1 camera. The image is pixelated, but you can see a built-in flash. a small grip and some kind of a selection wheel on the front. I do not know at that point the authenticity of that images, so take it with a grain of salt.

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  • Jon

    Looks like a hand-drawn icon to me!

    • Panfruit

      Definitely. It does nto scream authenticity.

  • Quicksand

    Is it made out of Legos?

  • zlvc

    looks like a weapon from Doom 🙂

  • royalan

    They used it’s o.3 Mp sensor to photograph itself in the mirror.

  • Arno

    I don’t see the red “SR” sticker, wich is usually in front of Pentax cameras.

  • zlvc

    but to be honest, it much more look like RZ10, so maybe RZ11 without SR

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