Pentax Q interchangeable lens camera will be announced in August


I received some information from Europe about the second interchangeable lens camera called Pentax Q, expected to be announced in August 2011. Those are the specs:

  • 12MP backlit sensor
  • HD movie recording (720p)
  • RAW capabilities
  • Available in tow color: black and white
  • Vary small and compact in size
  • Price around 700 EUR
  • Several lenses will be announced including a fisheye lens

Pentax is planing to introduce two new small cameras with interchangeable lenses this summer: the previously rumored Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera and a new digital version of the Pentax Auto 110 (not clear if they will keep the mirror inside or will make it mirrorless like the NC-1). I also want to remind you about this comment made by a Pentax representative few months ago:

“A company representative Anton Melnikov commented on plans to produce mirrorless Pentax cameras. The first camera based on APS-C sensor will be released until September this year. It is based on the K bayonet and maintains the proper optics Pentax, among whom are many of compact lenses, pancakes. It is worth noting that this is just a guess, and for certain information about plans for new models is not unknown, the exact specifications. Second camera is a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and the matrix 1/2,33 inches.”

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  • Isn’t “Q” the codename for the Nikon mirrorless system?!? Some photos have emerged not long ago with some Nikon slides.

  • Go K mount! A new home for my 31mm 1.8! Wish they would consider full frame.

  • PhilW

    “the previously rumored Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera and a new digital version of the Pentax Auto 110″

    That doesn’t seem correct.
    The NC-1 or Q or whatever it’s eventually called appears to be a tiny camera with tiny lenses. Surely the NC-1 is the digital Auto 110.

    The other camera (if it materializes) would then be a larger aps-c model more on the order of Fuji X100 or Samsung NX100. The rumored quote that the camera will be K mount doesn’t make any sense either. That would make the camera needlessly thick. Of course I would expect that Pentax offer a K adapter with full functionality.

    An aps-c with k mount adapter is what I’m rooting for.

    • They only say “it is based on the K bayonet”… not necessarily the exact same K mount.

  • Wei Jian

    If the body is small like nex plus the limited lenses ill buy one on preorder!

  • Is it kidding for the price?

  • 700 euros ….? 12MP 1/2,33 …nobody is going to buy that.

    • AS

      Amen to that!

    • BornOptimist

      This is rumored to have a APS-C sensor, not 1/2.33″.
      It’s the NC-1 that has a 1/2.33″ sensor, and wasn’t the rumored price of that 600 USD?

      • Carlos R B

        APS-C backlit sensor?….is this available in any camera?

        • Mistral75

          No, there is no such thing as a backlit APS-C sensor and there won’t be any for a while.

          With today’s pixel density of APS-C sensors, circuitry is much smaller than photo-sites and there is no point in putting the former on the other side of the sensor (backlit sensor), contrary to tiny compact sensors (their pixel density is more than 10 times higher and so is the surface used by circuitry compared to the one devoted to photo-sites).

  • Bob

    A full frame Pentax would be great, with a 31 mm, 43 mm and 77 mm. A man may dream..

  • Camaman

    Small sensor and intercangable makes no sense to me, even for 300$
    This aps-c makes more sense.:-)

  • 42PL

    I think the NC1 will do terribly in the market. It amazes me that camera got green lit. Don’t know enough about Q- but if it only has 720P that makes me worried that the remaining specs will be similarly unimpressive.

    • 42PL

      Then again, it’ll be competing with the Nex and GF3 so the specs won’t have to be that great. Might end up being a fine camera. But the NC1- I still don’t get that one.

  • WalKal

    Couldn’t care less….instead I want Pentax to make a 16-85 f2,8-4,0 WR lens of “excellent” quality….(Have already set aside money for such purchase)

  • Nathan

    I have never seen an APS-C backlit sensor. I had been under the impression that moving the wiring to the back of the photosite was not as effective with larger sensors because the benefit is less than a tenth of a stop, whereas on small high density sensors it can be as much as a full stop.

    Basically, this is because the aluminum conductors are as small as possible on both sized sensors, and roughly equivalent in cross section. They cover more of a small photosite but do not obstruct much of a large photosite.

  • Mistral75

    If the sensor is backlit, it’s a tiny one and NC-1 and Q are the same camera (project code name versus commercial name for instance).

    If NC-1 and Q are two different cameras and Q has an APS-C sensor, this sensor won’t be backlit.

    PR admin, could you please clarify?

    • lorenzino

      Is this the Schroedinger’s cat paradox applied to photography?

    • those will be two different cameras I believe

  • spam

    I don’t understand the talk about APS-sized sensor. The previous Pentax rumors have specified a small compact camera sensor. All the “facts” in this rumor point in the same direction. As several other have pointed out, there isn’t a APS-sized backlit sensor, and it doesn’t make sense to make one. Pentax use Sony sensors and why launch a 12MP in 2011 when all the best Sony sensors have higher pixel count? Verry small size also mean a small sensor.

    • BornOptimist

      No, but there are no mirrorless camera from Pentax either.
      The point that it doesn’t exist a backlit APS-C sensor today doesn’t mean it can’t be one tomorrow. And the rumors has been quite clear – there are two different cameras comming from Pentax. I dont’ find the sensor the most questionable about this rumor, but the point that it’s based on the K-bayonet. This means the flange distanse is the same their SLR cameras. What’s the purpose with a mirrorless camera then, if it’s not to make it smaller than a DSLR camera?

      • spam

        The point with “backlit” sensors is that they reduce the surface area used for support circuits, which is an insignificant part on an APS-C sized sesnor. So you don’t get (measurable) better performance using backlit tech on large sensors, only more expensive sensors – according to Sony engineers (sorry, don’t remember where I read it, but the interview was published on several sites). So, the chanses for a backlit APS-C sensor are prett slim at the moment.

        I’m not sure that “based on” the K-bayonet neccessarily mean same flange distance, it might just mean sufficiently compatible to make an adapter with AF possible. Anyway, K-bayonet wouldn’t make much sense with a small sensor system as so we’ll jeust have to wait and see. Maybe it’s just one of the 90% of the rumors that turns out to be compltely off.

  • too expensive and the size is too small for me

  • €700 would be too expensive even with a kitlens. I think €400 would be a good price! 🙂

  • Jumpshot_JR

    If it’s less than $1,000, comparable to the Fuji X100 with an interchangeable lens, I’m getting the Pentax Q on day 1!

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