Pentax will bring two new interchangeable lens cameras this summer, only one will be mirrorless

Back in January I mentioned that Pentax is working on two new interchangeable lens cameras. One of them will be the Pentax NC-1 that should be announced in the summer of 2011 and it will be a true "mirrorless solution". The second camera is rumored to be a digital version of the Pentax Auto 110 camera. The Pentax 110 was the only SLR type camera for the 110 film format. The new 110 digital version is expected to be announced in August of 2011. I assume that the new Pentax 110 will be compatible with old Pentax Auto 110 lenses. In that case you can expect the price of used 100 Pentax lenses to go up.

At the CP+ show Pentax said that "if we decide to do something in this respect has to be different, and it is not easy in the current context, to do something that is different and good… We’re on it.” Very different indeed.

On a related news the new Pentax D FA 645 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW lens will start shipping on April 2d in Japan.

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  • ZDP-189

    Awww, poo. I was going to buy a safari Auto 110 Super set as well. Now the price will soar. Thanks for the heads up. Nothing else you could use the 110 lenses for unless you wanted to shoot them wide open all the time. If it is to be an Auto 110, I suppose that means it will have a small 1/2.3” sensor (7mm diagonal) like the Optio I-10. I suppose it’s too much to hope for a 110-sized sensor in a small package. 110 frames were roughly the same as M4/3, AFAIK.

    • pnutz

      You are correct. The conversion factor for 110 film to 35mm equivalent is 2x (same as m4/3rd) The aspect ratio is nearly identical as well. I have two A110’s, a winder, flash and all but the 18mm fixed focus lens (not the same as the 18/2.8) and the 70/2.8 lens.

  • John Bowen

    If they released an A110D with a 4/3 sensor, they could clean up. But there’s no way I’m buying anything with a crop factor, I might as well just get that Olympus XZ-1 I’m looking at.

  • mmv

    i remember selling those silly little things

  • chris

    hmm.. could be a nice toy if it isnt to expensive. but i wouldnt pay more than 200-300€ with the 24mm prime.. but that would probably not be enough.

    look how small this thing is : )

  • chris

    actually it would be pretty sweet if they can keep the 110 sensor size (same x2 crop as m4/3)

    just look at the size differents.. why cant they build something like that with digital sensor : /

  • Heidfirst

    “The Pentax 110 was the only SLR type camera for the 110 film format”
    mmm, no. Minolta also had 2.

    • Alvaro Cuberos

      Yes! Minolta made 2 110 SLR camera but they had fixed zoom lens. The pentax A110 was the only interchangeable lens 110 camera made.

  • Alvaro Cuberos

    The 110 lenses should not work in the new digital version if they had the very small sensor that was expected. They were also very simple manual focus lenses, without built-in aperture or electronic contacts. My father had one of these little and beautiful cameras, with 3 lenses, the automatic winder and the flash!

  • Riku

    I would definitely buy a digital 110. I have a good selection of the 110 film era lenses and would love to use them with a tiny digital travel solution like that!

  • asdasd

    no, if i would want pooor iso performance and no DOF, i would buy P&S

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