Todays news: Sigma DP2x, Fuji X100 and other updates

  • No SD1 yet: today Sigma announced pricing and availability of the DP2x camera: the MSRP will be $800 and it should be available in stores in late April. The DP2x was was announced in February, 2011.  There is still no word on the 46MP Sigma SD1 DSLR camera.
  • Back on track: FujiFilm Japan announced today that the production of the FinePix X100 camera has resumed and the first shipments are expected in early April (in Japan). The production of the X100 was halted few weeks ago as a result of the earthquake in Japan.

  • Discontinued: A dpreview forum member claims that the Sony A850 is now officially discontinued in Singapore. Sony A850 was announced on August 24, 2010.
  • Miracle: Kodak won the latest round of its patent dispute  and may get more then $1 billion in licensing fees from Apple and Research in Motion. As a result, the stock rose 25%. The patent in question is about previewing "low-resolution versions of a moving image while recording still images at a high resolution". Kodak's stock price has dropped significantly in the past few months.
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  • Axel

    Good for Fuji for getting back on its feet again.

  • ZDP-189

    Although I paid a premium that is no longer justified for the X100, this is good news for the photography world. I salute the Japanese culture of hard work, fortitude and ingenuity that made this possible.

  • TaoTeJared

    Kodak keeps kicking. Good to see a company that is almost dead stick it to other companies who steal their patents.

  • sgts

    kodak need to sack their management and stage a comeback.

  • Glen Barrington

    DP Review forum participants, now THERE’S a source of reliable information!

  • Heidfirst

    I think that you will find that the A850 came out in August 2009 & not 2010.

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