Pentax manager on their mirrorless camera: “We’re on it” (NC-1)

DSLR magazine interviewed Mr. Kawauchi (Pentax Product Planning Manager) at the CP+ show last week and he pretty much confirmed the upcoming Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera (computer translation):

The answer, immediate, well-articulated, it is clear that is planned and well learned, but in any case seems elusive, since the logic is obvious: "Mirrorless concept is very attractive to us, full of potential, but having into account the philosophy of our firm, if we decide to do something in this respect has to be different, and it is not easy in the current context, to do something that is different and good... We're on it."

Pentax is expected to release their own mirrorless NC-1 camera in the next few months. The camera will have a 1/2.33″ in. sensor.

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  • nico polo

    It seems to be another useless product, mixing the worse of both world, the hassle of carrying lens with the low performances of compact camera sensors. It will end up into the unknown and short life camera box.

  • CRB

    “different and good… “….1/2.33 sensor? thats the stupidest idea in photographys history….

  • Camaman

    worst of both worlds is true… try to explain the benefit of this system to your friends.
    Best one would be “I look like a experienced photographer”…

  • John Bowen

    What the previous commentors have said: Worst of both worlds.

    C’mon, Pentax, get off your ass and do something intelligent! A small system built around a 24x30mm sensor or a 16x20mm sensor would be a good start, and one that would be intensely attractive to the professional.

  • Anu

    And it most certainly won’t have such a tiny sensor. Anyone who believes so should think how stupid it would be. Nokia N8 would blow such a camera away in the IQ department… a cell phone…

    It’ll be APS-C sensor, probably from Sony.

    • zlvc

      something interesting would be some kind of rangefinder camera. i too agree that it won`t be tiny sensor

  • traveller

    A 2/3″ sensor, I could possible believe. A camera with a 1/2.3″ sensor can have a built in 10x zoom lens that collapses down inside the body; what would be the point of interchangeable lenses: f/0.8 primes?

    • ew

      “what would be the point of interchangeable lenses: f/0.8 primes?”

      Exactly. EX1 with 1/1.7″ sensor has f/1.8-f/2.4 3x zoom lens; XZ1 with 1/1.63″ sensor has f/1.8-f/2.5 4x zoom lens. Would be pretty cool to attach f/0.7 primes to these cameras. Still 1/2.3″ is too small. I wish it was at least 1/1.7″ (or 2/3″).

      • ew

        On the other hand, EX1 body is bigger than NEX-5…

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