Another Fuji X100 update

FujiFilm X100

FujiFilm X100

  • Fuji claimed that they have developed their own flash system:

Q: Fujifilm's own past and I did not have the TTL dimming protocols, this new definition of what?

A: The SLR camera was used previously as it is based on a system with Nikon's body, this time to decide its own dimming protocol. This is the first of Fujifilm. The flash also launched simultaneously with the corresponding body. In addition, you will follow the Fujifilm cameras are also used in the future.

  • Unboxing video:

The latest updates from the FujiGuys:

  • Push up on the direction pad "Drive" to access the various shooting modes like 5fps, bracketing modes, panorama, and movie rec.
  • Lens cap not designed to attach properly with adapter ring or lens hood. For storage a pouch is included for adapter ring/hood.
  • You can attach both a 49mm filter and lens hood to the adapter ring. Lens hood can't be reversed for storage however.
  • Fuji X100 lens hood will be sold separately and will include the adapter ring. You can also by the adapter ring separately.
  • Lower dial around direction pad can be use to navigate menu on Fuji X100.
  • No intervalometer/electronic remote however it has thread for cable release.
  • Built-in RAW converter: reflect shooting conditions, push/pull processing, dynamic range, white balance, film sim, WB shift.
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  • ZDP-189

    So a thousand dollars is not enough. You need a proprietary external flash. Seeing as they are marketing it as a ‘professional’ camera, I suppose that’s de rigueur. I think this is less a ‘pro’ camera than a ‘money no object camera’. If it was as well built as a 1D or Leica M and had exchangeable lenses, I could see it being labelled a pro camera, but these days, camera makers use the word ‘pro’ interchangeably with ‘expensive’.

    • Huggs


  • ZDP-189

    Leica Rumors are a bit slow off the mark. I already blogged the comparison with the X100 here a few days ago.

    Plus Leica Rumors follows their table with a dozen bullet points of sour grapes, trying to explain why half the price, double the max shutter speed, frames per second, LCD resolution, 1/3 close focussing distance, one more stop of aperture, two more stops of ISO, SDXC, a built-in 3 stop ND filter, HD video and that awesome EOVF make it an inferior camera to their X1

  • inteliboy

    Everyone keeps talking about the price, someone posts a lists of valid points why it’s that price, no response – rinse and repeat for every x100 comment thread. The walmart generation in full effect. Maybe fuji should have skimped out on the hybrid viewfinder and made the rest of it on the cheap in china…

    In anycase, the “pro” label is marketing no doubt. But makes sense, as more then anything it’s really a sign of the times. Back in the day such a camera would have been labelled, well, a camera — the all-manual Nikon FM2 for example was seen as an amateur camera believe it or not.

    These days not many people would have a clue about aperture, shutter speeds, iso, nd filters, expsoure comp etc.

    • Torben

      People who knows about cameras don’t think the price is high, it’s just as you said “the Walmart generation”, learn to ignore those cheapasses, strangly enough, the very same people have the money for Apple gadgets and Nike shoes, both brands are overpriced made in China products.

  • roninseattle

    I think the price seems quite fair.

    The Leica X1 is twice the price and does’t have a viewfinder! The 4/3rd cameras aren’t much cheaper and have a sensor half the size and, I’m guessing, half the build quality. As for the flash, just shoot like a strobists; in manual mode.

    I didn’t think twice about placing my order!

  • lulu bruno

    “Lens cap not designed to attach properly with adapter ring or lens hood. ”
    What ist this? It named a pro Camera and than they make this big design mistake. I can’t beleave it. I hope they will chenge this by release.

    • CP

      Umm, when was the last time you saw a pro using a lens cap? Lens caps are made to be lost or missing the picture as you take it off. I put UV filters and/or hoods on my lenses and then forget about it…. so def. not a design mistake for pros at least.

      • Gareth

        how many pros do you see with UV filters on all their lenses?

      • Gareth

        Your 400 2.8 UV filter must be fairly big.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    A camera of this caliber should have a flash that matches it’s design and aesthetics.

    Price is fair considering the sensor size and features.

    Will be buying the all black version.

    • ZDP-189

      There’s a black version?

      • hiplnsdrftr

        re: black version

        What I am saying is I will only buy it when and if they release a black version.

  • Dima

    @lulu bruno – who needs a lens cap anyway?

  • CP

    I think this camera looks fantastic, at least compared to the dog X1 I now have to try and unload. Not placing my order yet because I want to see and hold first. I’m just finding these oversized p&s, no matter the quality, are redundant to my M9. But this one does look great, esp for the price.

  • JZ

    They took a standard 12 mp sensor with a 35 2.0 glass, mixed the finder of a G12/N7000 with the one of the Lumix system and some analog wheels, put all into a retro Leica-like body design and the world goes crazy… It looks like a Leica, but its NO rangefinder – sorry – its a bluff. And why no 1.4 lens? How do they want to make a bokeh? I love my M9, but this is a knock-off.

    • hiplnsdrftr

      What’s so bad about a $1200 knock-off of an M9?

      • NikonShooter

        Exactly. An M9 “knock-off” for $1200? Sign me up. If it delivers image quality comparable to the X1, this will be a huge win.

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