Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera

I received multiple emails regarding the Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera picture and they all indicated that this is the real thing. The camera will be initially available with in one lens kit and the sensor will be 1/2.33" in.  The Pentax NC-1 will have a flash hot shoe. Announcement should be in the next 1-3 months.

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  • 19cent.

    Who buys?

  • Why in Gods name would the choose to put a compact-camera-tiny-sensor in that camera? NO ONE WILL BUY!

  • Zaph

    1/2.33″ in? So a smaller sensor than the premium compact cameras(S95, LX5, XZ-1, etc)?

  • benjamin

    maybe its the fancy version of the kenko one that came out afew days ago… cool stuff!

    • ZDP-189

      So maybe this uses the same sensor as the new Auto 110(D)?

      This is an interesting development. I used to think that the micro four thirds system standard would be a revolution. It was, but it has diverged and the new trends is for a whole range of sensor sizes. Small sensors can have a smaller register giving wider compatibility, and larger sensors give lower noise at high ISO.

      • Godot

        At some point, body size and crop factor make compatibility moot.

        With m43, legacy wide angles are rendered uninteresting by the crop factor, and longer lenses are hampered by being outsized. The sweet spot seems to be fast 40s and 50s, which make good portrait lenses, fill a gaping hole in the native lens lineup, and aren’t too big even though SLR-mount adapters can be up to an inch thick.

        With the short flange back on a 1/2.33″ ILC, you’d be able to adapt just about any lens, but very few of them would be of any interest — due to both crop factor and the size of the lens relative to the tiny body.

        If this system has any chance of taking off, it’s going to need something special. Really good, bright lenses that allow you to make the most of the itty bitty sensor; a major breakthrough in 1/2.33″ sensor tech; SLR-like responsiveness in a pocket cam… probably all of those things and more.

        As the owner of a Pentax P&S, I say they’re going to need a new and greatly improved processing engine, a new and greatly improved sensor (a factor essentially out of their control), and some very good lenses that somehow don’t cost a fortune.

        Lots of luck, it’s much needed.

  • blueget


    • (still)Pentaxian

      1/2,33″ would be epic fail, alas

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