2011 Pentax roadmap reveals no second camera but I am still a believer

This 2001 Pentax roadmap confirms that the Pentax Q and the Pentax NC-1 are just different names for the same camera. Except the two new P&S cameras, there are no other announcements scheduled till the end of the year, but keep in mind that this roadmap is labeled "Compact Product Timeline 2011".

The information I received still indicates that a second interchangeable lens camera from Pentax will be announced later this summer. Maybe the rumored Pentax Auto 100 digital is part of the DSLR roadmap (not listed here).

The second camera is expected to be based on the Pentax Auto 110 which is not really a mirrorless solution. Expect an APS-C sensor inside and computability with old Pentax 110 lenses.

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  • 1pt4

    Stop believing. Ricoh management will be sure to be instituting a review-phase to evaluate and re-evaluate where the combined company is going. If there was another camera there might not be now.

    Ricoh will be looking at Pentax employees, department by department, and deciding which would be superfluous after the merger. Likewise they’ll be looking at the product roadmap and see what fits with their manufacturing capabilities, where savings can be made, and which products will exist under different brand names. That takes time and causes a lot of confusion, especially among workers concerned about losing their jobs. It is typical for things to SLOW DOWN at merger time.

  • Tim H

    Auto 110 lenses don’t have an image circle anywhere near large enough to cover APS-C, if there was going to be a camera with 110 lens compatibility it would be the Q – but we know now this isn’t the case.

    There won’t be another Pentax mirrorless this year and maybe some unholy co-branded monstrosity late next year. Imagine what will happen when the minds that produced the Q get together with the minds that produced the GRX.

    The horror.

  • fiatlux

    110 film frame is almost exactly the same size as 4/3, much smaller than APS-C.

    The Auto 110 lens range is pretty limited, and there is no aperture control. I’m sure there would be enthusiasts interested in the experiment, but I doubt Pentax would consider Auto 110 lenses compatibility as a driving design criteria.

  • rearanged

    Actually, seeing all the nice pentax AF(!)-pancake lenses excisting, a GXR pentax mount module could make a lot of sense and would be a substitute for a pentax large sensor mirrorless.

    • fiatlux

      I fail to see the advantage of a GXR + KAF2 module vs a Pentax DSLR. Not much smaller if at all (Pentax has some of the smallest DSLRs), probably more expensive, and slower AF almost guaranteed.

      • rearanged

        totally agree regarding the price. Still it would be more compact since it’s missing a viewfinder and better than no mirrorless option at all…

      • CRB

        With the pancakes? for sure it would be smaller than a DSRL….noticeable difference…

    • BigBug

      a GXR pentax mount module could make a lot of sense

      Uh… nothing stopped Ricoh from selling a K-mount module as the mount’s patent expired many many years ago. So what was the ‘sense’ in buying Pentax?

      This merger is a slow motion car crash. Get out yr popcorn.

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