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Pentax will bring two new interchangeable lens cameras this summer, only one will be mirrorless

Back in January I mentioned that Pentax is working on two new interchangeable lens cameras. One of them will be the Pentax NC-1 that should be announced in the summer of 2011 and it will be a true “mirrorless solution”. The second camera is rumored to be a digital version of the Pentax Auto 110 camera. The […]

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Pentax manager on their mirrorless camera: “We’re on it” (NC-1)

DSLR magazine interviewed Mr. Kawauchi (Pentax Product Planning Manager) at the CP+ show last week and he pretty much confirmed the upcoming Pentax NC-1 mirrorless camera (computer translation): The answer, immediate, well-articulated, it is clear that is planned and well learned, but in any case seems elusive, since the logic is obvious: “Mirrorless concept is very attractive […]

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Pentax rumors: K-5 Silver, compact RZ-18 and mirrorless NC-1 cameras coming next

Similar to the Pentax k-7 Silver, there will be a new Pentax K-5 Silver DSLR that will be announced next month (February 2011). In addition, there will be a new point and shoot camera Pentax RZ-18 with 3″ swivel LCD, 14MP sensor, 18X optical zoom (28-504mm) and a price tag of $300. The camera is expected to […]

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Two interchangeable lens cameras are expected from Pentax in 2011

In an interview published by dpreview, Pentax said that they have not ruled out a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera: “If a product makes sense, and is feasible economically, we’ll come out with it”. Here is some interesting information I received: Pentax is currently working on two different cameras with interchangeable lenses. The first one will be a digital version of the […]

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Could this Pentax flash patent be for their rumored mirrorless camera?

Pentax filed a patent in Japan for a compact camera flash: The flash drawings look very similar to the pop-up flash of the Panasonic GF2: Could this flash patent be for the rumored Pentax mirrorless camera? Based on the complexity of the design, I think Pentax is planning at least a high-end point-and-shoot camera (see their current P&S line-up here). Some […]

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Some Pentax rumors: new Pentax A* 135mm f/1.8 lens and more

This picture of Pentax equipment found on flickr is showing a new Pentax A* 135mm f/1.8 lens. Here is a close-up of the lens: For comparison, this is how the old Pentax A* 135mm f/1.8 lens looks like (image source: eBay):

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Questionable Pentax EVIL specs

This post is not to report a rumor, but to debunk a rumor (I got multiple email from readers). Dpnet listed those Pentax EVIL specs on their website: New APS-C 14 million pixel sensor Body image stabilization, the first SR with APS-C single power Flip-type LCD viewfinder screen HD video capture features I have hard believing […]

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Interesting response from Pentax on their “EVIL thoughts”

Another one from the PentaxForum – this is how Pentax Imaging Technical Support answered to an email question about a possible EVIL camera from Pentax: “Thank you for contacting Pentax. As mirror-less camera categories are showing strong growth, we too are examining the possibility of producing this type of camera. And if we are to release such products, […]

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