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Questionable Pentax EVIL specs

This post is not to report a rumor, but to debunk a rumor (I got multiple email from readers). Dpnet listed those Pentax EVIL specs on their website: New APS-C 14 million pixel sensor Body image stabilization, the first SR with APS-C single power Flip-type LCD viewfinder screen HD video capture features I have hard believing […]

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Interesting response from Pentax on their “EVIL thoughts”

Another one from the PentaxForum – this is how Pentax Imaging Technical Support answered to an email question about a possible EVIL camera from Pentax: “Thank you for contacting Pentax. As mirror-less camera categories are showing strong growth, we too are examining the possibility of producing this type of camera. And if we are to release such products, […]

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Pentax K-5, K-r and EVIL cameras at Photokina

A rather bizarre rumor showed up on dpreview yesterday – somebody who claims to work for Pentax Spain as a “sales promoter”: Pentax K-5 will be a model above K-7. Pentax K-r will use both a lithium battery and standard AAs and will cost 699€. Pentax EVIL will likely be APSC. The poster claims to work for […]

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Pentax to release a mirrorless camera according to… CitiGroup

On page 2 of this CitiGroup report about Hoya (the owner of Pentax), you will see the following sentence: “Hoya plans to release a mirrorless camera under Pentax brand that is distinct from models already on the market.” No further information is provided. It is really weird that a financial corporation like CitiGroup would report rumors […]

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Pentax EVIL camera maybe this year?

AmateurPhotographer seems to think that Pentax is working on EVIL camera: “Pentax engineers are continuing to pursue the possibility of launching a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, as the firm points to an ‘exciting’ few months ahead.” From AP’s recent interview with Pentax UK product co-ordinator Stephen Sanderson: “It’s quite clear that we don’t want to be […]

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Pentax EVIL, 645D price rumors

Two rumors from the world of Pentax: Pentax is expected to release an EVIL camera this year that will look exactly like the Samsung NX10. Pentax rumor #2: The medium format Pentax 645D will be released in March 2010 and the price is expected to be US$ 6,500.

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