Pentax EVIL, 645D price rumors

Two rumors from the world of Pentax: Pentax is expected to release an EVIL camera this year that will look exactly like the Samsung NX10.

my lousy PS job

Pentax rumor #2: The medium format Pentax 645D will be released in March 2010 and the price is expected to be US$ 6,500.

Pentax 645D back view (source: Pentax Japan)

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  • Eric

    I want to believe both of these rumors, but what is the source behind them? Both would be great news. A $6500 medium format camera would attract damn near every studio and landscape photographer on the planet.

    • my source is reliable – he has been right many times before, he was wrong only once with the Samsung GX-30 rumor

      • Anonymous

        Pentax and Samsung aren’t a couple anymore. Your source is very probably wrong about the Pentax NX-10 clone, as he was with the GX-30.

    • Michal

      “A $6500 medium format camera would attract damn near every studio and landscape photographer on the planet”

      Assuming a good set of glass.

      • Rosco

        Pentax have always had a good reputation for glass….

        • Eric

          Yep. I’d take Pentax’s Limited primes over any other AF lenses on the planet, including Canon’s L line. The new Carl Zeiss Sony glass is also amazing, but it is also gigantic compared to a Pentax 43mm f/1.9 limited (for example). Glass has always been the least of Pentax’s problems. To be honest, these day’s about the only problem Pentax has is marketing. Their products are outstanding, but no one knows about them.

    • Mark

      True, a low cost Phase One is over $10,000.

      I would be interested in knowing if that $6500 is with a lens or not?

  • About 645D, it is old rumor that never come true. I also heard that it will be only release in Japan.

    About Pentax NX, i think it is a joke. Never heard Pentax want to go in that direction.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Pentax really makes a cheap 645D, although 6500$ is still pretty expensive…

    • AS

      Sure, compared to a Phase One (~40-50.000 USD) this baby is really expensive, not to mention the Nikon D3x (about 8000 USD).

      Eric and the others are right, if the rumor is true, this camera will definitely be a best seller!

    • Justin

      Seriously, expensive?

      A 39 MP medium format camera with access to pentax’s glass for 6500 is UNREASONABLY cheap. I wish I could believe it. I will certainly hold off on buying anything to see the date go by.

  • Septentrion

    Attended to a photography meeting last fall in Paris and had a long conversation about medium format – I am still a Pentax 6*7 user – with Pentax representatives: the Pentax 645 will definitely appear in a couple of months. The range of prices is in pair with what they told me.

    • so this is another confirmation for the 6500 price tag

      • Tomra

        well there will come from “brand” competition before it will be released, so no worry :-).

  • Mike

    $6500 MF w 39 mp? That will turn the digital world on it’s head! That’s at least $1000 cheaper than a D3x (in some markets). That is a very attractive camera no matter what D-SLR you shoot with. Intro a 40mm tilt/shift with that and Pentax will knock it out of park.

  • Anonymous

    And if we are lucky enough we mortals may get a entry level MF model for 4k sometime in the distant future…

  • Mark

    I would’ve settled for any resolution on the 645D, as long as it has one of the larger 49mm wide sensors. I want to believe it comes at this price with 39MP, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ll continue saving for that p25+ deposit in the meantime.

  • Bill

    I hope Pentax does come out with an EVIL camera, either their own or a rebadged NX10 … if it’s the latter, I REALLY hope they put it in a different body … something more akin the to K-7. That Samsung body is pretty fugly.

  • loickeri


    a killer

  • Anonymous

    For the longest time, Pentax and always said that 35mm cameras didn’t have good enough image quality for professionals, and made their point with the Pentax 67. So it make perfect sense for Pentax to make a medium format camera for professionals. Given the high prices medium format goes for, this could be a really big deal. There are a lot of us with 44″ wide printers. With 3″ margins, a 44″ x 66″ sheet would give us a 38″ x 60″. That takes 205MP at 300dpi. We need about 51MP if we print at 150dpi. So there is a market for those of us who print big. Given the price of a Hassy, or Phase One, this could be fertile ground for Pentax. If they sit still, they will run over by Canon/Nikon/Sony and all the chasers.

    I’m a Nikon shooter, but I think I’d buy the Pentax 645D, and a few lenses.

  • jm

    The pentax 645d i think will be around 7-8000 $ but still it will rock the digital photography world..the best competitor is around 10k(mamiya)…

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