What is Hasselblad up to?

They have a new countdown on their website (under promotions):

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  • GlobalGuy

    Hopefully its better than TAMRON.

    Same sales strategy book, though… (maybe it works? ūüėČ

  • Halogenic

    Maybe the first camera to exceed the 100 megapixeles count?

  • toocool4school

    probably nothing we can really afford

  • norrin radd

    we were looking to upgrade our 39mpix H2D to 60 mpix . Our local Hasselblad dealer told us that the 60 mpix will be avaible (about) the beginning of February.
    Times match.

  • loickeri

    I dont care of 50 or 60 mp
    I need a MF FF with 30 MP

  • Chris_M

    Most probably something way beyond my budget.

  • The Bad Lieutenant

    24 MPX XPAN ? 50-3200 ISO with same lens mount

    • Chris_M

      A revived xpan would be nice though. Even 16MP will suffice.

  • NikoDoby

    They are making a medium format version of the Leica X1 and are charging $50,000USD for it! It’ll come in a nice box with magnets and drawers too :^)

    • Anonymous


    • johnl


  • Mark

    Launch of H4D. Something expensive from the makers of Reference(TM).

  • doctor_charly

    I heard it’s a DSMC (Digital cinema camera), to counterstrike RED digital cinema right in the face…

  • RuiC

    They are announcing the acquisition of Pentax department from Hoya!

  • You guys all have it wrong. They’ve teamed up with NASA and a yet to be announced phone maker to offer a super-smartphone with a 24mp medium format camera, a giant 5″ touch screen and proprietary 3D GPS that works anywhere in our solar system. It will only cost $48,000 and require a special monthly contract of $1400 through your local wireless provider. ūüėČ

    Regardless of what they announce, it will be extremely expensive. (Ugh, I want!)

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