Interesting response from Pentax on their “EVIL thoughts”

Another one from the PentaxForum - this is how Pentax Imaging Technical Support answered to an email question about a possible EVIL camera from Pentax:

"Thank you for contacting Pentax.
As mirror-less camera categories are showing strong growth, we too are examining the possibility of producing this type of camera. And if we are to release such products, we believe that the camera should be a unique and distinctive model.
At this point PENTAX does not have a fixed plan for the release schedule, specifications, or price information.

Dorian B.
Operations Supervisor
Pentax Imaging Technical Support"

The words "unique" and "distinctive" are an interesting description - Pentax made also some comments in the past that their mirrorless camera will be different:

“It’s quite clear that we don’t want to be seen as the same as everyone else. We would go down a different route. We are looking to grow. We want to grow. It’s going to be an exciting year. I think everybody will see a change in Pentax.”

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  • Russ

    Dorian will be following the discussion on Pentaxforum too. He/she is a member there.

  • Kevin

    What if we don’t want to see a change in Pentax? I LOVE what Pentax is doing/has been doing.

  • le_petit_prince

    interesting response but it doesn’t really interest me at all.

    Because it’s not AMERICAN department to decide what do to with new product unless there’s a serious problem on the state side with any product.

    aren’t most products planned and developed in Japan and solely made by them?

    I wanna hear what Japanese department has a say about this.

  • Sky

    How I call it is simple: Hype.

    Let’s just hope it won’t end in just another mirrorless system, though with pentax calling it ‘special’ for some weird unknown reason. Or it won’t be just a mockup at photokina which won’t hit the stores before 2014.

  • GlobalGuy

    They are kind of choosy considering that they aren’t doing much right now. PENTAX could be doing a lot. They could try to be making an S90 Canon-type p&s, a “G12 killer”, an EVIL with classic camera looks a BUNCH of decent pancake lenses. You know, since Nikon isn’t doing any of that yet, there’s obviously room for one more. PENTAX could do it. Maybe they could even get some of their name back.

    Instead, they are just being lazy and talking about growth without decent new products. Way to go! Hopefully they try for some more “distinct” DSLRs like all the Pentaxes we have no memory of recently, which is all of them.

    • Mike


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